5 reasons to use wood when planning a new home

Planning a refurbishment to your home or a new build? Consider wood as one of the key materials in your plans. Wood features can bring out the cosiness of a country cottage or be used as contrast to modern fittings to great effect in contemporary design. Here are some good reasons to check out the options with wood for that perfect finish. Article in association with www.timbersource.co.uk.

  1. Wood is a great insulator

Wood is a better insulator than brick. It is riddled with air pockets. This is why wood was traditionally and still is, such an effective material for house building. Like brick it is usually combined with other types of insulation.

wood is a great insulator

  1. Scent of wood

Studies have proven scent is linked to memory and emotion. Wood being an outdoors smell is a powerful scent for our emotions and one that has positive meaning for many of us.

scent of wood

  1. Natural look breaks up conformity

The natural wood look, the odd gnarled knot, this is all the texture of nature and can be a great way to break up conformity in the house, or bring out feature walls or areas you want to highlight.

natural look

  1. Easy maintenance

Wooden floorboards are easier when cleaning up spillages, than on a carpet for example and wood, once varnished, is resilient to stains and smooth for wiping over.

easy maintenance

  1. Lower carbon footprint

Far from being bad for the environment the truth is it is better to use wood than other materials. It’s a renewable building material, natural and contributes to the overall removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The responsible production of wood takes a lot less energy than other manufactured materials – so has a lower carbon footprint.

lower carbon footprint

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