IMPROVED installation of ISO-CHEMIE’s humidity variable window and façade sealing foils is provided following the introduction of new full surface self-adhesive variants, COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO.

The ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD humidity regulating foil provides rapid and effective year round high performance sealing of window and door frame connecting joints, while ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD offers improved UV resistance for curtain walling situations when sealing inner and outer window and façade connecting joints.

The extension of the range of adhesive alternatives for ISO-CHEMIE’s window membrane and airtight foils means that the application of additional gun applied paste-type adhesive is not required during fenestration sealing work.

The COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants enable the sealing foils to be located in place and repositioned if necessary after initial application before the full strength of the adhesive develops and takes effect.

Furthermore, the risk of leaks from poor or patchy adhesive application can be avoided while the foil can be plastered over immediately after installation, providing further time saving benefits.

The risk of soiling on windows, surrounding construction work and on the building itself due to residual adhesive is also significantly reduced.

COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and XD also provide compliance with the specifications of the plastering guideline ‘Plastering window sealing foils’, which recommends a minimum bonding surface area of more than 75%.

ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD and ISO-CONNECT VARIO XD come from a new generation of window sealing products that not only adapt to seasonal variations but also provide an excellent external weather seal that surpasses UK Building Regulations and airtightness in domestic and commercial buildings when used as an internal seal. More at