Could a garden room save your marriage?

In a recent poll of 1,005 people, more than a quarter said they wanted a Composite Wood Garden Room as a space to get away from the husband, wife or children.

George Clarke has certainly fired up people’s imaginations about what they could use a garden room for. Man Cave and She Cave were the top categories with 27 percent and there were some great reasons behind these choices.

One woman wanted to banish all the men in her family plus her 11-year-old-son’s drum kit into a Man Cave because: “As the only woman in the house, I need my sanity back!!”

While a man choosing a Man Cave said: “Because my missus drives me mad and I need somewhere to escape!” Sounds like a Composite Wood Garden Room could definitely help these couples!

Over 100 people would use the garden room as a bar, drinks area or even their own garden pub, with the top accessory – a pool table or darts board.

As more people opt for open plan living, there’s a real need for extra space away from the house, and a garden room is the perfect place to get away from it all.

18 percent of respondents wanted to use the space for the whole family as a summerhouse or retreat.

Children of all ages come next in the pecking order. Playrooms, music and games rooms where noise and mess can be shut away at the end of the day, would be welcome relief for parents. Drum kits, train sets and a lot of PlayStations are always better when they’re not in the main house.

59 Man Cave infographic

Children’s getaways were closely followed by spaces to study or work from home – with some respondents saying if they had the extra room they’d start their own business.

Home gyms for the fit and retreats for yoga or meditation lovers made up a healthy five percent.

There were some very moving responses about looking after people living with disability and creating sensory rooms for children.

The best response was from a man wanting to use it as a fish room so my wife would get me and my fish tank out of the house and the benefit? “So I don’t have to listen to my wife going on about my fish tank in the house!”

This research has been taken from Composite Wood Company’s competition answers to win a garden room at FIT Show 2016. There were 1,005 respondents, the survey was conducted between 25 February 2016 to 14 April 2016.

54 CWC Garden Room InfoGraphic