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  1. Santa Monica, California, USA– Brutalist style house set in a canyon

Sleeps 8


1 2





This property is uniquely set on the side of Santa Monica canyon and was designed by well-known architects Rob Hussey and Melinda Gray of AIA Graymatter Architecture. The property was designed to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience accentuated by six 10ft sliding glass doors to the patios, gardens and pool. The brutalist-style house has featured as The New York Times cover page in the past and was the magazine cover of Home + Design CA. 

  1. Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia – The dramatic winged house

Sleeps 6

£222 avg/per night

11 22 33









Resembling the wing of a jet plane, the Winged House in Tasmania is a dramatic display of architectural charm and was designed by the award-winning architect Richard Goodwin. The house is just next door to World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain’s sub-Antarctic rainforests, Dismal Swamp and The Rocky Cape National Park. Major prizes for the house include: The Helen Lempriere Award 2004, the Blackett Award for Architecture in 2004, and the Wynne Prize from the Art Gallery of NSW 2011.

  1. South Walton, Florida, USA – Luxurious beach house

Sleeps 8

£810 avg/per night

111 222






Prize-winning architect Walter Chatham originally from Rome, Italy, built this remarkable beach home in Florida. The property is centred around a 40-ft tower which has outdoor terraces, beds and sitting areas to relax and enjoy the sea-views. It brings the calm of the sea inside with water features such as a hot tub with a view on the second floor and heated pool with fountains dotted around the property. The house has been featured on the cover of Architectural Record as ‘House of the Year’ in the past and was awarded the prestigious ‘Award of Excellence’ by the National American Institute of Architects.

  1. Rio Negro, Argentina – Seasonal lake house

Sleeps 10

Enquire for price

1111 2222





This award-winning property was designed and decorated by the renowned Buenos Aires architectural team of Alric Galindez from Argentina. The spacious modern building blends into its spectacular landscape of mountains and features five baths, a service room, sauna, Jacuzzi and exercise room.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa – Water retreat in arid landscape

Sleeps 6

£913 avg/night

11111 22222






This sleek ultra-modern property has previously won the Modern CIA Awards for Architecture for its striking design. The glass-fronted property, which sleeps six, provides spectacular views of the rugged Cape Peninsula Mountain Ranges from all angles. The arid and rural landscape is juxtaposed by a large outside pool complete with underground viewing spaces so that friends and family can free dive as if in the ocean itself.

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***Please note that the above prices are all average prices as per 18th August 2016.