This Christmas don’t give your little ones a toy that will only last the day, give them an adventure that will last for years, and memories that will last a lifetime.

A playhouse is the perfect present; it will keep on giving long after Christmas is over.  With just a little bit of imagination, which we all know children have in abundance, it can be transformed into anything, from a fairytale castle to a cowboy saloon to a gypsy caravan, and anything in-between!  So whether you have a little princess or an intrepid explorer, a playhouse will help them bring their adventures to life.

This Christmas, The Playhouse Company can help you start your child’s fantastical journey.  The Herefordshire-based company produces an assortment of imaginatively designed hand-built wooden playhouses in a range of sizes and styles. From Cottage Playhouses and Hidey Holes, to Treehouses and Castles, The Playhouse Company has a something for even the most daring of adventurers. The company can also build one-off bespoke creations which are truly unique and original, including a whole range of slides, rope-ladders, climbing walls and raised platforms. They can even be designed to include extra storage, so you still have somewhere to keep the lawnmower!


“A playhouse is the perfect Christmas gift, providing years rather than days of enjoyment.  Not only do they ignite a child’s imagination but they also encourage children to explore the great outdoors – and as our playhouses are weatherproof they can play outside all year round regardless of the weather!” adds Richard.

Further information on play and tree houses in The Playhouse Company’s range, can be found at or by calling 01544 387 100.