Indesit has responded to the need for appliances that are easy to use, and has developed the MWI 3443 IX built-in microwave, part of the Indesit Aria collection of cooking appliances.

Hectic family lifestyles can result in varied meal times and routines. There is now an increased need for appliances that are easy to use, which also benefit from re-heating and last minute defrosting functions. Offering complete ease-of-use, the built-in microwave has seven power levels, a clear digital display with simple and easy-to-use, no fuss, button and dial controls. With specialist functions for cooking the family’s favourite dishes, the microwave oven saves even more time, and offers help in the kitchen with pre-programmed settings to automatically cook vegetables and pizzas perfectly every time.

The Indesit Aria microwave features Double Power Wave technology, which improves the microwave oven’s cooking, reheating and defrosting performance, as well as ensuring dishes are cooked thoroughly without pockets of hot and cold spots. The integrated grill will perfectly brown the tops of all the family’s favourite dishes too.

The MWI 3443 IX comes complete with a Plate Cover to catch the splatters when cooking or reheating. It also offers the versatility to reheat two dishes at the same time without mixing flavours, and an added bonus it saves time on cleaning too. The new Aria built-in collection from Indesit has been developed to make hectic family life easier, as well as being perfectly coordinated and an aesthetically pleasing range of kitchen appliances.

Stewart Herd, Category Director for Indesit cooking appliances says: “With 40 litres of cooking space and a child lock safety feature, the Indesit built-in microwave grill is ideal for the modern busy family. Complementing both modern and traditional décor, the built-in microwave matches all other appliances in Indesit’s new Aria built-in collection.”

Key features and benefits of the Indesit Aria MWI 3443 IX built-in microwave oven with grill

  • Built-in microwave oven with grill, forming part of the new Indesit Aria range appliances
  • Useful and generous 40 litre capacity
  • Powerful 900W microwave  with a 1600W grill
  • Double Power Wave Technology and turntable to ensure dishes are evenly cooked – eliminating hot and cold spots
  • Seven microwave power levels, with up to 900W on full power
  • Easy-to-use button and dial controls
  • Clear and convenient digital display programmer
  • Interior light
  • Finished in stainless steel and black glass
  • Dimensions: H455 x W595 x D685 mm

For more information on the Indesit Aria built-in collection, contact your account manager, or visit the website at

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