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Air Source heat pumps offer the perfect alternative to traditional heating systems catered conveniently to all sizes of properties and businesses through our extensive range of products.Air Source Heat Pumps are incredibly efficient – for every 2.5kW of heat transferred into your home it only uses 1kW of electricity, which is a performance efficiency of 250%.
The way an Air Source Heat Pump works is by simply drawing heat from the air outside,transferringit and then distributing via underfloor heating and radiators. Even when outside temperatures are below zero, 100% of your heating and hot water needs can be generated.A heat pump will keep your home at the temperature you decide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and reduce your heating bills by up to 50%.

Air Source Heat Pump features

– Generate your own renewable energy towards targets
– Reduce running costs and save with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
– Simple to design into your building plans
– Easy installation process and to maintain system
– Works either as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with other renewables
– Range of systems available to suit all needs from 4W to 688W

At Green Square our Mitsubishi range of air source heat pumps provides technology to deliver extremely efficient heating and hot water methods whilst keeping your carbon emissions to a minimum. Our Mitsubishi systems ensure a simplistic, renewable energy solution that can compete with traditional heating methods at any given time.

The entire Mitsubishi Electric Ecodanrange cylinders use plate heat exchanger technology instead of an in-cylinder coil. This gives a 17% improvement in DHW efficiency (over the FTC4 cylinders) and advanced heating times.The range features five Cylinder Solutions: Monobloc Packaged Cylinder, Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Slimline Cylinders, Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Standard Cylinders, Monobloc Pre-Plumbed Solar Cylinders and Split Cylinders.

As a head start, we always suggest considering the best possible wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing as these are important factors to keep your home best insulated with renewables – and therefore helping save heating bills.

When initial property development ideas are being drawn up with architects and builders, it’s important to invest in aspects of the building whilst keeping the future in mind. Investing in renewable energy products simply ensures that you can prepare for a more sustainable future, and there’s the added bonus of saving money and cutting usage too. At Green Square we are able to integrate renewables into your property plans, taking away the headache of the design process entirely. We want to inform customers about renewables as best as we can and help discuss which renewable products are best for your property.

With our growing network of showrooms, we provide a local expert advisor to help you every step of the way. As a qualified MCS installation company we help guide you through the RHI and FiT process and provide you with an insured parts and labour warranty for years afterwards.

Our renewable energy experts will be happy to discuss the designing, planning and installation process for Air Source Heat Pumps or any of our other products, making it a clear and simple process.


Air Source Heat Pump Installation Costs
Monobloc Heat Pump
Monitoring pack MCS (RHI pack)
Mitsubushi Installation kit
Copper pipework
Installation costs – labour
Final fitting + commission
Joule cylinder
Total  £10,876.50 (Ex. VAT)


Renewable Heat Incentive Payments
Annual payments £1,431.43(paid for 7 years)
Total £11,630.00

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