Lancashire-based greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has been making its handmade, made-to-order garden structures for over 79 years. The manufacturer is the Royal Horticultural Society’s recommended greenhouse and glasshouse supplier and is the brand of choice for the UK’s leading horticultural institutions and designers with ‘Hartleys’ commissioned by the National Trust, Hampton Court and Kew…to name a few.

Many of Hartley Botanic’s clients see their beautiful greenhouses and glasshouses, not just as an indispensable gardening tool, but as a way to add architectural presence and definition to their properties. Here are three inspirational ideas for using a greenhouse as part of an overall home design scheme.


1/ Add drama and grandeur to a property

With its impressive architectural look a greenhouse or glasshouse can contribute additional drama to an existing property. This is especially the case when choosing a larger glasshouse or those with ornate period features such as cresting and roof finials. This bespoke glasshouse beautifully lends itself to the already imposing façade of this Georgian house in Leicestershire, adding presence and interest. The glasshouse gives the visual illusion of extending the property, and for the homeowner, provides a convenient all-season section of their garden accessible through a downstairs room.

2/ Use as a picturesque extension

Attaching a greenhouse to a property effectively adds an ‘indoor garden’ extension creating real visual interest around a home. Take this Hartley Botanic Paxton Abutting greenhouse in Verona Stone. The greenhouse’s colour and design means it works as a seamless and unusual addition to the property’s silhouette. The gable roof and intricate glass panes of the greenhouse adds a new, tangible prettiness to the property and gives the illusion of increased overall size.

Abutting Greenhouse

3/ Extend your architectural vision into the garden

Commissioning a bespoke greenhouse or glasshouse means its design can mirror and reflect a property, or even extend its style and presence into the garden. The contemporary design of this Hartley Opus glasshouse perfectly mirrors the style of the accompanying property, effectively extending its architectural narrative into the garden. This has the effect of unifying both the indoor and outdoor spaces as well as emphasising the overall feel and character of the architect’s original vision.

Opus 3

All Hartley Botanic’s greenhouses and glasshouses, whether a Victorian Grand Manor or small lean-to, are handmade to order using the finest materials and representing the highest level of engineering design. The company offers a 30 year ‘lifetime guarantee’ which covers the structure and installation of all its greenhouses, a formal acknowledgement for customers of their longevity. Customers purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse are making an investment which will stand the test of time and be robust enough to travel well.

Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse should visit: or call 01457 819 155 for more information.