OrganoWood 03 Cleaner is the organic water-based cleaner for exterior wood that completes the series of natural wood protection products by OrganoWood. Containing a special formulation of natural components, the product not only maintains the wood’s durability but actually increase’s its protection level.

The OrganoWood treatment system ensures that exterior wood will repel water and dirt from penetrating the surface.  However, if the wood is not cleaned and maintained, the dirt and grime can remain on the surface. By applying OrganoWood 03 Cleaner, all dirt or water residue is removed and an additional layer of protection is applied, as the product penetrates deep into the wood’s core and strengthens it from within.

Specially produced to treat exterior wood such as decking, fences and cladding, OrganoWood 03 Cleaner contains no toxic heavy metals, solvents or biocides, making it an environmentally friendly option that will not cause any harm to the surrounding wildlife. The product is suitable for general or intensive cleaning projects and will replenish a wood’s surface, bringing the tired and worn appearance of exterior wood that has been exposed to the elements, back to life.

OrganoWood 03 Cleaner is available in 500ml, which is ample, as the product requires varying dilution before use. To apply the product, it is important to prepare the surface by vacuuming or brushing away any excess dirt that can be easily dislodged. Then, mix 100ml or 200ml with 5 litres of warm water, depending on the extent of the dirt, and use a mop, cloth or brush to apply the solution. This can be used as a general detergent for lightly grimed surfaces or as an intense detergent for surfaces that require a more heavy duty approach. The product requires a drying period and should not be used or rinsed until dry.

The full OrganoWood wood protection system consists of OrganoWood 01 Protection which offers rot and fire protection, OrganoWood 02 Repellent to provide a dirt and water repellent surface and OrganoWood 03. Inspired by nature, OrganoWood® technology mimics natural processes to protect wood, a tried and tested ecological alternative to pressure treated finishes. With being both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing the OrganoWood® solution is a perfect choice for both domestic and commercial use.

OrganoWood® products are classed as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, one of the highest eco-classifications in the industry.  A test proven product, OrganoWood® Repellent 02. meets all relevant European environmental and performance standards. All OrganoWood® products are ecologically sustainable according to FSC® (FSC-C120532) and PEFC™ (05-35-168).

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