Unique styling & recycling finesse with the Bo Touch Bin from Binopolis.com

A launch with legs: The new Bo Touch Bin collection is now available from

Binopolis.com and Windsor Red is priced at £179 for all compartment options

Specialist retailer Binopolis.com’s new Brabantia Bo Touch Bin has been designed with legs to look like it’s part of the furniture making this the perfect choice for super stylish, open-plan kitchens.

The versatile Bo Touch collection combines unique, chic styling with practical recycling and each bin offers a single, double and triple inner compartment option – the choice is yours. With a wide opening, touch lid, this makes accessibility easy and this bin has been specifically created to accommodate all kitchen space and waste requirements. The inner bin even lifts out easily for fast, convenient changing and cleaning.

The Bo Touch bin, which is designed to look like a cabinet, fits right up to walls and units for a neater finish in your kitchen with stable, non-skid legs, which is essential in room where heavy traffic is inevitable. Available in five colours, you can choose from stunning Windsor Red, a warm burgundy colour, and Golden Beach, a subtle metallic golden finish, both of which are slightly textured to the touch and easy to wipe clean. Or, for a more understated look, pick a smart Matt Black, a subtle Platinum or a (fingerprint-proof) Matt Steel model.

Jane Pollard, co-director at Binopolis, says: “Our new Brabantia Bo Touch Bin collection proves that practical can also be beautiful. This new range combines nearly 100 years of craftsmanship with the latest technology to deliver a stylish new solution to kitchen waste and recycling.”

The Golden Beach Bo Touch Bin costs £179 

for every compartment option

The material used to produce the Bo has been made from 40% high-grade recycled materials for an eco-friendly design to add to your kitchen and the inner bins are easy to lift out for liner changing and cleaning. The 36-litre bin features one inner bin, the 34-litre bin has two compartments, 23-litres and 11-litres, while the 33-litre model offers three compartments with a capacity for 11 litres in each, making the latter particularly ideal for recycling aficionados.

The Bo’s body is made from durable, powder-coated steel and comes with a ten-year guarantee and service for peace of mind when you make your purchase. It measures 68cms high by 34cms width by 31.5cmD. The Matt Black and Platinum bins cost £149 while the stainless steel models cost £159 with single, dual or triple compartment options.