Experience the TrueScale of Nature

  • Create statement pieces in any environment with no pattern repeat across the width of the sheet
  • Achieve authentic natural stone and wood looks without the sourcing and maintenance issues associated with the genuine article
  • Available in 28 decors

Statement piece and large application design make an impact.

TrueScale laminate gives you the authentic look of premium material such as marble, quartz and wood. Developed by Formica Group, TrueScale captures the subtle variations and patterns found in natural materials but eliminates the high costs of sourcing and maintaining the genuine article.

Attention grabbing application is at the heart of TrueScale by Formica Group. Its marble, wood, granite, quartz, concrete and metal decors reflect contemporary design trends with decors being taken from real life examples. Input from the Formica Group design team and findings from events such as Salone del Mobile Milano, the international reference point of the design sector, have also shaped the collection.

For those who think big

TrueScale decors do not repeat across the full width of the laminate sheet so you can unveil patterns in their full beauty. Architects, designers and homeowners benefit from a surfacing solution that is more affordable than premium natural materials, readily available and with lightweight, hygiene and stain resistant properties better suited for hard wearing residential application.

Made in Britain

Formica Group proudly supports Made in Britain, an organisation designed to promote and celebrate the manufacture of UK-made goods. All other laminate manufacturers have their operations and plants based overseas and import their laminate into the UK which means Formica Group is better positioned to provide stability from exchange fluctuations. Additionally, Formica Group is also better placed to meet UK project deadlines in the provision of supplying materials.


For more information visit www.formica.com. Samples can be requested via email, [email protected], or by phone 0191 259 3512.