MaxVac – The innovative tool & equipment supplier

The company boasts decades of refined industry experience and it is this level of involvement and understanding (as well as its exceptionally large product portfolio) that has made MaxVac the choice supplier with many clients. Its ever-growing customer base, as a result, comprises the likes of major corporates, local councils, independents and those working within the hire trade.

Max-Vac specialises in all dust management solutions from on tool extraction to large extraction systems.  It has a range of mobile dust blockers for removing airborne dust that hasn’t been captured at source.

The exemplary tool and equipment provider dedicates its attention to the supply and delivery of innovative products and proven safety solutions of a noticeably high calibre. The equipment has been well received principally by workers operating amidst the construction and utility industries, although it has also been utilised by individuals in other fields.

Regardless of the application in question, MaxVac do their utmost to source, develop and provide suitable products that will perform well within the given environment. The fully functional resources will enable organisations not only to increase their productivity but also to enhance their compliancy and improve their profitability whilst creating, in essence, a better (and safer) working atmosphere.

To find out how MaxVac can make a difference to your business, or to enquire about a specific product, please don’t hesitate to contact the company today. Contactable via telephone or email, any enquiries you broach will be met with an appropriate and timely response by an informed representative who is more than happy to assist you. For further information you can also access the website (provided below) or social media pages, as these will keep you fully updated with any significant news and developments.

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