Lush and Luxury – How Foliage Prints from Posterlounge Transform Your Home into an Oasis

Palm leaves sway in a lazy breeze, a large pink bird stalks through the thicket and the air is heavy and sweet with the taste of exotic fruit – doesn’t that just sound like the dream? Sadly, not all of us can just pop over to the next tropical island with the flick of a finger. However, nothing speaks against bringing the oasis home to you! We’ll show you how easily this can be done with stunning foliage prints from Posterlounge – almost like the flick of a finger. 

Sprucing up one’s home with large plants and bright colours to bring a bit of an exotic flair into the décor has been an ongoing trend since 2017 and has lost nothing of its popularity. Interior design departments display ceramic pineapples and flamingos and glossy magazines feature gigantic plants with thick, dark-green leaves that give the impression of a colonial conservatory à la My Fair Lady. Sounds easy enough, yet not everybody has the space to accommodate large ferns and window leaves or even the occasional fake fruit or bird. Thankfully enough, the tropical trend does not confine itself to figurines and hothouse-greenery, but has conquered the walls as well with artwork featuring gigantic leaves and rich blossoms.

The Feel of Nature – Choosing the Perfect Finish

‘Texture’ is a topic that is on everybody’s lips this year and especially for pictures featuring foliage and flowers, choosing the right finish can mean the difference between just another print on the wall and an exciting eye-catcher.

Wood print, for example, is a choice that one might consider close to home in this context. With its organic look and feel and the subtle grain, it turns every picture into the most unique piece of art. In contrast to the soft, vintage look of wood, acrylic glass offers vibrant colours that almost seem to shine from within, giving the impression of having preserved part of a tropical forest behind glass and taken it home. Aluminium prints in turn captivate due to a semi-matte, velvety finish in combination with bold colours, giving foliage motives a rich and luxurious finish.

Thanks to the easy and secure mounting that is provided for all materials offered by

Posterlounge, the possibilities in terms of wildly combining prints and finishes are only limited by one’s imagination.

Tropical Meets Metallic

Just like the Tropical Trend, ‘Metallic Chic’ is not a new development in terms of interior designs, considering copper held a firm grasp on everything décor related throughout the entire year of 2017. Yet, 2018 saw a change in the colour palette, moving to cooler colours such as silver and brass but also celebrating gold and, most of all, the freedom to mix and match patterns and textures as boldly as one wishes. Hence it is no surprise that the trends are gradually seeping into each other, bringing forth golden ferns and metallic leaf-veins that shimmer promisingly when catching the light.

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