System development is an integral part of Schueco’s corporate DNA and the urge to improve can lead to new solutions that provide benefits for architects and end-users. The new Schueco ASE 67 PD sliding door is a typical example of this.

When Schueco UK launched the ASS 77 PD series of ‘panoramic’ sliding doors in early 2012, the move was widely welcomed by architects looking for a door offering maximum transparency that could span very wide openings and yet still operate effortlessly.

Today, a brand new development of these doors – designated Schueco ASE 67 PD – is set to prove equally impressive. It provides the same minimal sightlines with an outer frame that remains concealed in the building structure, resulting in a huge ‘panoramic’ area of clear glass.

The door can be configured in a variety of opening combinations utilising two, three or four leaves, each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Depending upon the particular specification and the level of insulation required, the moving vent can be double- or triple-glazed.

Using a simplified method of construction which makes it easier to manufacture, the Schueco ASE 67 PD door is available in two options with different outer frames.

The slimmer of the two options, which has a 57 mm frame, is especially suitable for use in renovation projects; it offers a lower overall frame cost but without impacting on excellent levels of sound insulation (up to 46 dB). A completely flat threshold is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidents, while still allowing the door to deliver watertightness to 300 Pa and wind resistance to Class C3.

The deeper 90 mm option caters for even greater weather performance as it delivers watertightness to 600 Pa whilst maintaining the aesthetics and sound insulation of the 57 mm system.

Both versions offer a very slim central mullion width of 31 mm and can accommodate glass widths ranging from 36 mm to 49.6 mm. A choice of two locking options, one in the centre and one on the side, ensure that this new system offers architects considerable design flexibility and security.

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