Milan, April 17th 2018

KitchenAid believes kitchen appliances are more than just tools. Finely crafted appliances, which combine functionality with artisanal workmanship can fuel culinary inspiration and transform lifestyles. At EuroCucina, KitchenAid has unveiled the new 2018 range of multifunction ovens, including the new Twelix 4 Artisan:  one oven that opens up a world of culinary possibilities, delivering restaurant-quality results from the comfort of the user’s home.

Ambitious cooks need a versatile oven, an oven that can deliver perfect results for every dish the user wishes to prepare. Whether steaming seasonal vegetables, cooking a succulent roast or baking a homemade loaf of bread, KitchenAid’s multifunction ovens can fulfil every need.



KitchenAid has showcased its highly sought-after Twelix 4 Artisan oven at Eurocucina, a multifunction oven that provides three cooking options: pure steam, steam assisted and convection. KitchenAid has taken the Twelix Artisan oven and extended its functionality for a more professional and specialist cooking experience:


  • Enhanced features include a premium TFT display interface to allow a smoother interaction with the appliance
  • Fully-integrated Steam Assisted and Pure Steam functions require no additional accessories
  • Four-point professional probe to provide precise temperature control and measurement for baking and roasting
  • Advanced cooking on four shelf levels enables you to juggle four-course meals with ease

The Twelix 4 offers a level of cooking performance previously only achieved in professional kitchens. With many new functions, the Twelix 4 acts as your Sous Chef in the kitchen, empowering you to produce exquisite, Michelin-quality dishes.

“The possibilities that a KitchenAid multifunction oven offers are simply endless. No matter how many elements you need to cook simultaneously, the functionalities of the appliance will always cater to your needs,” explains Novella Sardos Albertini, Head of Brand and Communication EMEA, KitchenAid SDA & MDA. “That’s the beauty of this product, you never know where it will take you.”

In addition to the new and improved user interface functions, the 2018 range has an improved touch and feel and a sleeker appearance. In line with its commitment to iconic design, KitchenAid’s Twelix 4 Artisan is available not only in timeless stainless steel, but also for the first time in pure brushed black stainless steel.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning technology and the stain-resistant PrintShield external surface make the Twelix 4 Artisan KitchenAid oven the most durable to date. The new range also boasts carefully crafted details, demonstrating the finest artisan workmanship. The new soft closing door, stainless steel front frame, iXelium fan cover and dual lighting are simple additions that give a truly premium feel. This is a perfect blend of performance, functionality and design and makes the Twelix 4 Artisan oven an exciting launch for passionate makers at EuroCucina.