•  KONE Residential Flow to be launched on KONE’s stand at Housing 2018 on 26 June. [Details below]. 
  • KONE Residential Flow incorporates an easy-to-use smart phone app that enables residents to access their homes without keys, grant remote access and even call lifts without pressing buttons. It also provides significant advantages to building and facilities managers.
  • Launch comes at a time when increasing numbers of people are using SMART technology in the home and 55% of adults feel it would be easier if they could use their smart phone instead of keys.
  • Residential Flow is part of the KONE family of technological solutions to improve the flow of urban life. Residential Flow can work with KONE’s products or as a stand-alone solution.
  • KONE Residential Flow will be used first in the UK at the 37-38 Golden Square, Soho, London a residential and restaurant development by Halamar Developments. 

KONE, a global leader in the lift and escalator industry, has launched KONE Residential Flow, a comprehensive and highly convenient smart technology solution for new and existing residential buildings. It is designed to make homecomings easier for residents, while enabling them to control who enters the building in their absence. Residential Flow also improves building and facility management for landlords and property managers.

KONE Residential Flow is a secure solution for residents and facilities managers, run through an easy to use smart phone application. It is connected to the building’s doors and lifts as well as, if desired, the building’s information screens and intercom systems.

The technology is cloud based and uses state-of-the-art camera intercoms as required on both, or either, homes and communal access points. This makes KONE Residential Flow simple to install as part of new build or retro-fit to existing buildings, with no need for wires between the different systems. KONE experts provide consultation on the right system for the building and are on-hand throughout the installation process. The equipment is easy to maintain and its installation provides the foundations for future innovation in the building. KONE can also provide lifts, access solutions, intercom systems and building doors, making them work seamlessly together with no need for external suppliers.

KONE Residential flow can be purchased in three single or combined elements that provide keyless access to residents, visitors or deliveries, and information sharing from facilities mangers to residents. [Details below].

KONE Residential Flow adds value to buildings by making them more attractive to potential residents, easier to manage and simplifying future installations of smart technology.

The launch of KONE Residential Flow comes at a time when UK adults are increasingly welcoming smart technology and automation into their homes.  Over half (55%) of all adults aged 18 – 65 years old would prefer to use their smart phone rather than keys, according to research company Synolnt. Of these, 70% of adults aged 18 – 22 years old, and 66% of 23 – 35 year olds, would prefer to use their smart phone to keys. These findings indicate a demographic shift that younger homeowners, and the tenants of tomorrow, increasingly welcome and expect smart home and smart access solutions.  People are also far less likely to lose their smart phones. According to the research almost a quarter of respondents (24%) lost their keys within the last year, compared to just 16% who lost their smart phone in the same period.

KONE Residential Flow enables residents to:


  • Access their home without having to use physical keys or even press call or floor buttons for lifts. KONE Residential Flow will automatically call lifts for the resident to take them to the right floor.
  • See on their smartphone who is at their door and grant remote access to their building even if they are not there
  • Access their building’s information screens and communicate directly with facility / building managers

KONE Residential Flow allows facilities mangers to:


  • Communicate directly with residents individually, to specific groups or as a whole
  • Manage access rights. No more lost or replacement keys
  • Manage delivery rights for deliveries and other visitors
  • Have a greater understanding of the building’s technology and its use in people flow, including lifts, doors and escalators.

Andrew Todd, Modernisation and Marketing Director, KONE Great Britain, said: “KONE Residential Flow is an exciting development for the UK housing market.  As residents we are all looking for easier and greater control of our home and better communication with building or facility managers.  This is what KONE Residential Flow provides as well as making buildings easier to manage and more attractive to potential tenants and investors. KONE Great Britain is delighted to be working with Halamar to install KONE Residential Flow in 37-38 in London’s Golden Square – it becomes the first building in the UK to become fully equipped with the solution.”

KONE at Housing 2018 – Stand TE10

KONE will be launching Residential Flow at Housing 2018 at stand TE10 ([email protected] stand 10) on 26-28 June 2018.  Michael Holmes, KONE Great Britain Business Development Manager and Andrew Todd, KONE Great Britain,  Modernisation and Marketing Director, will be available for interview on site or via email. Please contact Kallaway on 020 7221 7883 to arrange an interview.