The new freestanding countertop Hotpoint Supreme Chef multifunction microwave oven (MWH 338 SX) features clever technologies and does much more than just reheating and defrosting.

With the size of the home shrinking and morphing into one living space, there has never been so much pressure to maximise the use of space so prolifically. Compact appliances with multifunction benefits are the best use of space management and brings a mass of cooking opportunities into the smallest of spaces.

Today we have huge time management challenges and feel the pressure to prepare healthy, tasty and nutritious meals at home. With the advantages of the new Hotpoint Supreme Chef combination microwave oven, there has never been such a handy way to achieve this so easily, quickly and with such excellent results.

The Hotpoint Supreme Chef (MWH 338 SX) is a combination, multifunction microwave oven that guarantees the best cooking results, which are rich in taste and flavour, and features an unrivalled level of functionality. The combination microwave oven utilises forced air, a large grill and Dual Crisp technology to enhance your chef experience at home.

Dual Crisp technology combines the large grill, forced air and crisp plate accessory to perfectly crisp both the top and bottom of a dish. This ensures crisp pastry bases with a crispy top and food retains its nutrients during the cooking process for tasty and healthier results. The microwave enhances the taste of the dish; food will crisp to perfection and retain all the juiciness thanks to the multifunction technology.

 When the desire for chips strikes, the innovative Dual Crisp Fry from Hotpoint is the perfect asset. This feature produces light and crispy cooking results and is the new way of frying chips at home. Dual Crisp Fry uses forced air with the grill for faster, more even and softer inside cooking results, which significantly reduces the amount of oil used.

 In addition, the Supreme Chef freestanding microwave oven benefits from Multiwave technology, which evenly distributes microwaves and eliminates hot and cold spots to deliver even cooking results. Finally, the Chef Menu option offers a series of automatic recipes that guarantees perfect results every time.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, says: “The Supreme Chef microwave oven does more than just reheating and defrosting; it produces quick, healthy meals with crisp results. And if you love your chips, then this is the perfect microwave, relieving a little guilt as it will crisp your chips perfectly.

“Hotpoint understands how much value there is in the small things we do every day and we use our expertise to provide a wide range of home appliances that care for what matters most.”

Key features and benefits of the freestanding Hotpoint Supreme Chef microwave oven

(MWH 338 SX):

  • Freestanding countertop, combination, multifunction microwave oven with a large 33 litre capacity and a 360 mm turntable to take generous sized dishes
  • 900 W microwave power with seven power levels for complete control and cooking excellence
  • Multiwave technology distributes the microwaves evenly throughout the oven to ensure even cooking, reaching every part of the food and eliminating hot and cold spots. There is even no need to stir the dish throughout the cooking process
  • Eight traditional functions: microwave, grill, forced air, Dual Crisp, Dual Crisp Fry, combi, Jet Defrost and keep warm
  • Large 1200 W grill to brown food using one of three settings
  • Forced air function means the microwave cooks like a traditional oven and bakes, roasts, reheats and defrosts with precision temperature control
  • Two Dual Crisp programmes, which uses Dual Crisp technology and combines microwave cooking with the grill and crisp plate accessory, to perfectly crisp both the top and bottom of food
    • Manual Dual Crisp cooks and crisps food such as bacon, French fries and dough based food. This setting can also be used to effortlessly reheat dishes too
    • Dual Crisp Fry allows the user to crisp and fry food at the same time, perfect for foods such as French fries and breaded fish
  • Dual Crisp Bread defrosts and heats frozen bread, rolls, baguettes and croissants. The microwave oven will automatically select the most appropriate cooking method, time and power level required to ensure the best results
  • Jet Defrost feature ensures quick and automatic defrosting of dishes such as meat, poultry, fish and vegetables
  • Four specialist functions: Chef Menu, Auto Clean, Special Menu and the very useful stop turntable, which is ideal when using large dishes that cannot freely turn when using the turntable
  • Chef Menu feature is a simple and intuitive guide, which offers automatic recipes that guarantee perfect cooking results every time. Parameters such as cooking time and power level are automatically adjusted to ensure the best results of dishes including scrambled eggs, pizza and lasagne
  • Auto Clean cleaning cycle cleans the inside of the microwave oven and effectively removes lingering odours
  • Special Menu includes additional functions and programmes for dedicated processes such as dough proving, melting butter and chocolate, and softening ice cream
  • Jet Start starts the microwave oven at its maximum power for 30 seconds
  • Two dishwasher-safe racks, which vary in height, enable effective results when using the grill and forced air functions
  • Crisp plate for crisping and dishwasher-safe handle ensure the safe removal of the hot plate from the microwave oven
  • LED electronic touch controls for intuitive control and to cook with precision at the touch of a fingertip
  • Interior light for improved visibility within the microwave oven
  • Premium black glass finish with brushed stainless steel handle, trim and interior
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 373 x 490 x 540 mm
  • Available from retailers for around £329.99

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