Platform Lift par for the course

Just 6 miles from Glasgow city centre lies the beautiful Douglas Park Golf Club, situated in the heart of Bearsden. Founded in 1897 and steeped in history, it’s also home to the Antonine Wall built in 140AD by Roman troops, which runs through the 13th and 15th holes.

After initial meetings with the golf committee members, Invalifts were chosen to supply and fit their premier product, the MC2000 platform lift. Working with the main contractor, Marshall Contruction, the MC2000 lift was chosen as the ideal solution for access between the two floors of the clubhouse.

The lift was supplied with a solid shaft, finished in white to match the existing decoration, with glazed doors at the top and bottom. The MC2000 platform lift is supplied with its own self supporting shaft, and as there are no requirements for supporting walls or machine rooms, the unit is extremely space efficient. The standard Part M sized platform (1120mm x 1480mm) has an overall footprint of just 1250mm x 1560mm.

Covering a travel distance of 3.2 metres, the lift was also fitted with an intercom system in case of emergency. As it was not possible to dig the required 60mm pit at the foot of the lift, a small ramp was used instead.

Just two days on site was all it took to install the MC2000 platform lift, minimising disruption and building works to the surrounding area. One of the committee members commented that “the club members are very pleased with the installation.”

To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift or other lift products, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.