Caple boosts built-in microwave collection with multi-tasking CM130

Multi-award winning, leading appliance specialist Caple’s new CM130 Microwave with grill combines clever technology with an understated, modern look that works well with today’s contemporary kitchen designs. This new model is the latest addition to Caple’s comprehensive Classic collection where affordability, functionality and design are key.

The CM130 is a practical, versatile option that’s perfect for both serious cooking and quick snacks. It features an ample 25L capacity, housed within a sleek, stainless steel front and cavity, complete with an easy-to-clean, mark-resistant finish. With a push-pull dial control, this makes the appliance instantly more tactile with easy to use controls.

The powerful 1000W grill makes it quick to prepare lighter bites, such as cheese on toast or even browning chef-style dishes. The grill can also be used with the microwave to produce textbook results across a wide variety of meals. The auto cook menu provides a useful range of pre-set cooking modes for added convenience, while the defrost setting thaws frozen food quickly and safely either by time or weight.

Other useful functions include multi-stage cooking, a minute timer (up to 95 minutes), a child lock and an end of cooking signal. Multi-stage cooking, for example, allows you to programme your microwave for more than one function at the same time. So, you could defrost a chicken breast then cook it, which can both be programmed in advance.

A push door function offers easy access and the green LED display is clear and easy to read.

Product manager Luke Shipway explains: “Our new CM130 microwave combines form and function, making it the perfect choice for homeowners from families to busy single households. It looks fantastic and performs like a dream to deliver hassle-free cooking every time. The CM130 is available at an affordable price with stylish good looks and a wide range of versatile cooking options.”

The CM130 measures W595mm x H388mm (with built in frame included) and costs around £312 including VAT.


Cooking output:

Microwave power 900W


Electrical connection:

Rated load 2.15kW; fuse rating 13A