KitchenAid, the luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer, has launched a new ventilated induction hob, which discreetly incorporates a downdraft extraction system.


The sleek and stylish KitchenAid 900 mm ventilated induction hob (KHIVF 90000) features four induction zones and an integrated, downdraft, extraction system that is both powerful and discreet. KitchenAid appliances are designed to enhance the user’s cooking experience and the ventilated induction hob guarantees outstanding results by combining precision, speed and energy efficiency.

With a dynamic surface that features two flexible cooking zones, the stylish black glass 900 mm ventilated induction hob (KHIVF 90000) accommodates large cookware and also makes it effortless to manage multiple pots and pans, which is particularly useful when entertaining guests or experimenting in the kitchen.

The downdraft extraction system, located in the middle of the hob, benefits from perimetral extraction and a 600 m3/h maximum air flow, which ensures grease, steam and odours are all effectively cleared, protecting furniture and improving the air quality of the home. Perimetral extraction technology extracts vapours from around the edges of the extractor, rather than the centre, creating a faster airflow and increasing grease extraction by 10 per cent1.

The discreetly integrated system adds a touch of prestige to the kitchen and is ideal for a kitchen that is sleek and minimal. Four speed settings and a boost option to maximise extraction performance, while operating at a quiet 63 dB(A) noise level.

Lee Collett, Channel Controller, Kitchen Studio & KitchenAid Brand, says: “KitchenAid believes that appliances are more than just tools and it is the brand’s mission to inspire passion for fine food. The KitchenAid 900 mm ventilated induction hob (KHIVF 90000) features professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design, which are the perfect characteristics for those who are serious about food. The centrally located extractor also offers the user flexibility in the location of the appliance’s installation in the kitchen.”

Key features and benefits of the KitchenAid ventilated induction hob (KHIVF 90000)


  • Sleek black glass finish suitable for either flush or standard installation – depending on the user’s preference
  • Intuitive touch controls for a premium user experience
  • Energy rating: ‘A’
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 205 x 900 x 580 mm



  • Four induction zones with two bridge zones, which allow the user to link two adjoining zones – making it easier to manage larger pots and pans
  • Dynamic sensor hastens the boiling process; it can detect when a pan reaches boiling point, notifying the user with a discreet acoustic signal whilst automatically adjusting the power level to maintain the temperature and avoid any spillages
  • Booster function accelerates the boiling of water by increasing power to 3.7 kW until the pan reaches boiling point, ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Downdraft extractor:
    • Perimetral extraction with a 600 m3/h maximum air flow
    • Plasma or charcoal filters available
    • Four speed settings complete with boost function
    • Noise level on maximum speed 63 dB(A); with power boost 68 dB(A)


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