MiniMatic Below Ground Sewage Pumping Station from Pump Technology Ltd

For small projects such as extensions, basements and garden rooms, where gravity flow from the new facilities like bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens is not possible, but the property has existing mains gravity drainage, the new Pump Technology Ltd, MiniMatic below ground sewage pumping station offers a reliable and affordable solution.

This pumping station collects waste water and sewage from the property. When the float activation level is reached the pump starts and discharges the waste up to the main sewer. When the level falls to the pre-set position the pump stops again. In the event of a pump failure, a high-level float triggers an alarm.

The system consists of a 160L capacity, below ground, polypropylene tank, a single free standing 50mm vortex free flow float activated submersible pump, manhole cover, high level float and alarm panel.

MiniMatic pumping stations are held in stock for next day delivery and are supplied complete with easy to follow installation instructions.

Pump Technology Ltd, have been helping civil consultants, builders and end users with their wastewater and sewage pumping requirements for decades. The company, who manufacture their own pump stations in-house, have an experienced application team to advise on every aspect of pump selection.

Standard or customised, a below ground pumping station can be matched to each property’s needs taking into account tank size, number and position of inlets, pump types, controls and alarm systems.

Customers, Elliott Wood Engineering, comment:
“We have worked with Pump Technology Ltd for over 10 years. We continue to specify their products on developments where reliable, submersible packaged pumping stations are required. Their design team provides professional advice and are always available to discuss specific requirements.”

All Pump Technology Ltd, products are supported nationally by their service team and service partners.

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