Fire Rated Systems

Fire Rated Systems – The passive fire protection company for your project! Offering aluminium framed glazing with fire resistance EI15 to EI120 specifications. Ensure full compliance with Building Regulation and satisfy Building Control by having a Fire Rated System in your project design. Fire resistance doesn’t compromise the aesthetics. Our 60-minute fire resistant windows have a site line of just 61mm!

Whether you need internal fire doors with glass, automatic sliding fire doors, fire rated aluminium windows or fire rated glazed partitions, Fire Rated Systems has a solution. We pride ourselves on offering the very best products with an excellent service to match. The systems that we deploy have enabled stunning architectural designs to come to life throughout the world.

Our systems, due to their characteristics, optimised technology & production costs and the constant technical development, are becoming a very popular product, widely chosen by construction professionals.

The fire-resistant construction of the system is ensured by its fire insulation components that are mounted in the internal chambers of its profiles. In addition, constructions are equipped with intumescent tapes, which stop the fire from spreading.

These are hard wearing with minimal maintenance, have excellent U-Values and at only a fraction of the cost of steel… what other parts of your project could benefit from this saving?

Our website ( has been designed with professionals in mind. Here you’ll find product: details, sections, layouts and technical specifications.

If would like us to help specify and quote for an element of your project, do not hesitate to contact.  We would be more than happy to attend site or work from any drawings you may have.

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