2019 Kitchen Furniture Trends by Daval @Daval_Furniture

Leading British designer and manufacturer of quality fitted furniture, Daval, explore this year’s must-have trends for the home and give us valuable insight on the next big thing for 2019 kitchen design.

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director, Daval, says “Added value features which enhance the interior capabilities of kitchen furniture are going to be a game-changer in 2019, catering for larger families or open plan kitchens which are privy to the living and dining areas.”

“In this fashion, highly practical kitchen furniture that is able to adapt to your environment, home architecture and space, should be top priority this year.”

As a result, 2019 kitchen design has become more perceptive, achieving a new level of sensitivity for the home and homeowner. A clever use of discreet reactive storage, emotive materials and ergonomic space planning will all work to making the kitchen space more user-friendly.

In order for you to embrace the practical nature of your kitchen, err towards organisational furniture that is tailored to you and the space. For instance, a simple drawer or tall unit can be transformed into a multi-purpose workstation that features storage designed to organise your pots and pans, kitchen utensils and cookware. Or perhaps you would benefit from a custom-made food store or pantry equipped with integrated knife blocks, spice holders, stainless steel jars and dividing systems – the choice is yours…

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director, Daval, says “For us, systematic furniture design that is disciplined and precise is second nature, which is perfect for those wanting to capture the latest interior trend for well-structured and beautiful kitchens that capture the embrace the user.”

Fitted furniture really is changing the opportunities for whole-house coordination and as the kitchen diversifies to welcome other rooms in the home, it is inevitable we will experience a host of new tactile materials and finishes. Daval recommend you keep an eye out for sophisticated reproduction metals, stone effects and industrial style accents, as this type of furniture will provide character, help to define zones and/or purpose in your kitchen space, as well as keep costs to a minimum.

“If we look at the 2019 colour palette, then the kitchen has adopted a rich aesthetic made-up of nutty browns, milky whites and powdered greys with highlights of black. In terms of finish, then accents of rustic wood, glass, metal, leather and stone will allow you to move away from the typical high gloss/matt finishes and achieve a new level of texture in the kitchen” concludes Simon.

Overall trends for 2019 depict organisational furniture as the best way for enhancing the practical nature of your kitchen space. The pictured Varenna & Mayfair kitchen furniture by Daval is the perfect example of organisational furniture that is beautiful to look at. The dark wood with horizontal grain is Varenna in Tobacco Elm, which is accentuated by the block colour seen across the base units in Mayfair Charcoal. This on-trend kitchen scheme is on display at bespoke luxury kitchen, bathroom & bedroom design studio, Raycross Interiors, with Daval furniture starting from £6,500+vat. For further information please contact:

Daval Furniture │ t 01484 848500 │ www.daval-furniture.co.uk │ Daval House, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, New Street, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5BB

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