Magnet understands that kitchens should work for a hectic lifestyle, and that families are in need of innovations that can save them precious time. All of Magnet’s smart storage solutions and innovations are designed to help you and your family in four simple ways, to save time and energy, organise, entertain and stay in control – so you can spend more quality time on the things that matter.

The clever Quanto Pull-Up Unit is a shelving unit tucked away in a corner that rises up from the cabinet at the touch of a button. Not only does this unit utilise the space at the back of the cupboard and ensure every centimeter of your cabinet is used, but it also offers easy access to this area too, making it the ideal place to store those small appliances you might not want to see all of the time, such as a coffee machine.

Make your kitchen and cooking preparation easier with the Schock Prepstation Sink. This modern, composite basin includes a removable chopping board and colander that fit seamlessly within the sink, for easy use and storage. It is a great space-saving trick for smaller kitchens as it instantly transitions the sink space into usable workspace. Plus, the matt black shade is also on-trend for a contemporary and sleek look in the kitchen.

Clear away clutter and reduce food waste with this innovative food storage drawer insert. The Smart Interior Food Storage neatly fits into a 600mm drawer and is ideal for storing food products at room temperature, items such as your favourite loaf of bread, Saturday morning croissants or fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for longer meaning less waste. It includes a removable grid with drainage and ventilation slots as well as a handy carry box to transfer the items you need to where you are preparing a meal.

The stunning rectangular RorosHetta Brushed Brass Hood is both functional and stylish, acting as a statement design piece and ventilation system in one. With a remote control, LED lighting, four speed settings, and a visual indicator to let you know when the filter needs cleaning, this hood is perfect for a modern innovative kitchen.

Keep the whole family entertained in the kitchen with up to date tech accessories including a USB charging tray and the new wireless charging unit, perfect for families on the go. Take away the need for messy leads in the kitchen and simply charge your compatible phone wirelessly by placing directly on your kitchen worktop.

Additionally, try the unique Sound Bar, a high-quality sound system that blends seamlessly into a run of wall cabinets and provides your kitchen with superior sound. This subtle, slim and stylish design is also available for plinths under your cabinets – you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Make your kitchen part of the family with Magnet’s wide range of smart solutions and innovations that will not only save time and space, but also help your kitchen fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.