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James Latham has just announced the addition of three new collections to its popular high-end range of decorative panels, Xylocleaf.

Combining outstanding Italian design with class-leading standards in melamine processing, for Xylocleaf, the feel of a surface is just as important as the contemporary, on-trend look.

The inspirational new collections include; Mosaico, which offers a weaved leather surface, Duna, comprising a registered, embossed stone surface and Alpaca, featuring a soft cotton texture. 

In addition, three new products have also been added to the Fusion collection.  Fusion is totally unique in that it has linen textile bonded to its surface, with a thin layer of protecting resin, thus combining a natural surface – the fabric, with the industrial process of creating a decorative panel.  Fusion surfaces were developed in Italy by XyloCleaf and it is the only manufacturer worldwide that can create them.

Xylocleaf is already extremely popular for premium commercial, retail and leisure specifications as it is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant, so as well as looking great, it is particularly well suited for high traffic areas.

These features also make Xylocleaf a popular choice for residential applications as it can be used to manufacture all kinds of interior furniture from worktops and cupboard doors in kitchens and bathrooms to tables, desks, shelving, wall panelling and even internal doors.

Paul Morson, James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine commented, “These latest additions offer even greater choice to architects, interior designers and furniture makers who are looking to add dimension, depth and texture to their projects.

“Xylocleaf has become a real success story for us and is now one of our most popular decors, particularly with our customers in the residential and leisure sectors.”

Because Xylocleaf surfaces are made in the form of panels, laminate sheets and matching ABS edge banding, textures, finishes and colours can be blended, allowing different parts of a commercial or residential design scheme to feature matching or contrasting items, creating a fluid and contemporary finish throughout.

For more information and samples, contact your local James Latham depot or call into Latham’s Product Specification Showrooms in either London or Manchester.  Details can be found at:

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