New research of British homeowners has revealed the most popular front door colours in a range of towns and cities across the UK.

‘The Face of Britain’s Front Doors’ from Harvey Water Softeners comes as part of its campaign to uncover what elements the British public think can help visitors to feel at home in someone else’s property. The results showcase the front door trends for 17 towns and cities across the South East of England in a series of visuals to establish the palettes of choice for homeowners across the region.

While black and white were ever present across all of the regions featured in the research, the variety and spread of other colours varies drastically between locations, with the coastal locations of Brighton and Eastbourne, and Hampshire’s Basingstoke and Winchester displaying a diverse array of colours when it comes to front door design.

Looking at the results for Brighton specifically as an example, the breakdown of colours was as follows:

  • Black – 14%
  • Red – 22%
  • Blue – 8%
  • Green – 22%
  • Yellow – 12%
  • Pink – 4%
  • Brown – 4%
  • White – 8%
  • Purple – 6%

The full results of the campaign can be found here.

Obtained through an analysis of over 1,500 properties from online property website Rightmove, the data took a sample of 100 homes in each location to establish which colours proved to be the most popular when it came to choosing a front door. To paint a fair reflection of each location, each property chosen fell within 10% of the average property price for that area.

Martin Hurworth, Managing Director at Harvey Water Softeners, said:

“This campaign uncovers some of the elements that British homeowners feel are essential to creating a warm welcome to guests and it’s clear that the first impression when arriving at a front door plays a crucial role – particularly if it’s a prospective buyer viewing a property. It’s common knowledge that neighbours often want to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and we wanted to see how this impacted the colours of front doors on streets across the UK. The results certainly showcase a range in tastes depending on location!

“One of the main motivations for homeowners when designing a living space is to create a comfortable environment for guests that encourages them to visit over and over again. Certain colours can evoke different emotions for a first time visitor and it’s often the little things that make life a little softer and more enjoyable.”

Commenting on the results of the campaign, Kunle Barker, Property Expert, TV Presenter and Projects Director at IH Flagship, adds:

“First impressions count and they last. Try not to think of your front door as a barrier but rather as a gateway into your home. The front door can hint at your design style and even personality. Simple things like painting your front door a bright colour can make a real difference. Last year I painted my front door pink which transformed the entrance to my house and gave our home an injection of personality.”

“Typically people ignore the front door due to the fact that as residents we don’t actually look at it very much. I have found that it can just take a couple of people to change the colour of their front door for it to catch on in a street. Before long even less adventurous areas can have multicolour frontages – like areas such as Brighton,” adds Kunle.

Terry Hill, Marketing Director at doors supplier KLG Rutland, adds:

“Different colours can definitely evoke certain kinds of emotions, darker colours such as black and grey could exude elegance and grandness, whilst also complementing other colours easily. A white/cream coloured door is likely to appear more calm and neutral, whereas a red coloured door is usually considered as a bold welcoming and hospitable colour.

“The research is somewhat surprising, especially with areas such as Brighton, Eastbourne and Bournemouth choosing brightly coloured doors, including purple, yellow, pink and orange. Seaside towns, like the ones listed above, may be following the history of fishing villages using vibrant colours of their houses and front doors, enabling to be easily seen from the sea.”

When choosing a colour for your front door, Elinor Pitt, co-founder at curtain and blinds specialist Stitched has provided the following guide to how colours can create certain auras when entering a property:

  • Orange: Warm, sociable, lively
  • Yellow: Radiant, cheerful, optimistic
  • Blue: Cool, calming, meditative
  • Red: Bold, powerful, confident
  • Pink: Gentle, delicate, soft
  • Purple: inventive, imaginative, mysterious
  • Neutrals / Grey: Quiet, Elegant, Urban
  • Neutrals / Oatmeal: Warmth, organic, rustic


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