Designer Wi-fi Smart Radiators for Interior Designers @RadiatorsUk

As an Architect, interior designer, how many times have you been restricted in your designs by ugly water filled steel radiators that take up a huge amount of wall space, drawing attention away from the modern image you wish to create?

Positioning of beautiful furniture is completely governed by the amount of wall space left to you, AFTER the central heating has been installed. Forcing you to at the very least, to paint them in your chosen colours to try to disguise them.

It doesn’t have to be like that

Do you know about the designer range CREATIVE RADIATORS that are supplied across Europe and the UK by a UK company in Thetford called IntelliHeat? They are designed in Italy and are available in a range of soft or striking colours, like the jet black or passionate red, and also in a range of interesting shapes and designs.

No more pipes!

Using these electric radiators, means there is no need for ugly pipes coming out of the floors, down from the ceilings, or across walls – ever again. They simply plug into any standard plug socket, which you can have installed slightly behind them, hiding all traces of wires or plugs.

With each radiator controlled from its own thermostatic programmer at waist height on the top of each unit, your clients will never need to scrabble on the floor to adjust temperatures, making them perfect for all assisted living environments and disabilities as well.

Have a look at our enclosed pictures, and next time your design process is hindered by an ugly water filled radiator, horrible bits of pipe, or restricted by not being able to use the walls as you wish, please give us a call.

We can install them ALONGSIDE any water based system, REPLACE any storage heating or fossil fuel system, and add them to ANY conservatory, home office extension or Granny Flat without any masonry work, first fixing, or lifting of tiled or polished wooden floors. Designer electric heating is light years ahead of the tired old fashioned systems in use today, so enhance your designs with our designer styles!

The Painting on the wall is a Radiator!

Hang them above the bed, or on the wall as a set of pictures. In fact, you can have any famous painting or Old Master printed onto the front of it, matching and coordinating with every style of Hospitality venue. Country Pubs can have pictures of The Haywain by Constable, or Van Goughs Sunflowers, and an historic Hotel can have portraits of Kings and Queens, and replicas of the famous battle paintings and landscapes.

How Much and How Long?

You may be wondering how this could be affordable, but with no masonry work involved, no floors up, no water pipes and no loss of opening times, it can be done in half a day.

Each CREATIVE RADIATORS just plugs into a normal socket, no fuss, no bother, It will also save you a large cost on your heating bills, as you only need to heat the places where your customers are, and not every room. With each radiator having its own wireless 7-day programmer, thermostatically controlled, if customers arrive, switch on, if they don’t, leave it off!

Stay in Control!

The Smart Radiators also have an automation App, so you can control every radiator in your Hotel, Pub, and external room extensions, from your smart phone or iPad, without leaving the Bar! We can advise on all your heating requirements for large dining rooms and event rooms to individual guest bedrooms, giving you practical and honest advice. We also provide a free specifying service, where our experienced Assessors will look at your projects and provide a total specification for you.

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