Within the Sussex Range collection of stainless steel modern classic towelrails, sits the Fletching family @JIS_Europe

Although more traditional in styling, these rails are still a thoroughly modern classic.  The styling may well be traditional but the lines are clean and therefore current.  Being manufactured from stainless steel as opposed to chrome plated means the polished rails have a deep lustrous quality and the satin finish is really quite stunning.

The Fletching rails are all 520mm wide and come in three different heights; 1185mm, 910mm and 635mm.  They are priced as follows:

1185mm x 520mm – £599.95

910mm x 520mm – £499.95

635mm x 520mm – £449.95

Additionally, we have launched the Fletching 1200 Floor to Wall.  This model does exactly what it says it does and is mounted from the floor to the wall. The Fletching floor to wall stands at 1200mm high by 520mm wide has a BTU of 1858 and retails at £749.00 exclusive of VAT.

All the above prices are based on central heating format and a polished finish.

The rails are also available in electric only and duel fuel format, please call the office for further pricing details.  The rails are offered in both a highly polished and satin finish; there is an extra 30% charge for satin finish.  All rails are available from stock.

All towel rails within the Sussex Range by JIS Europe are manufactured from 100% stainless steel meaning they will not rust, flake or corrode.  They can be utilised in all systems including open.  Small scratches and dents can be polished out.  They are a durable and environmentally sound product.  The rails themselves are manufactured from over 90% recycled product and are 100% recyclable in themselves.  All rails carry a 25 year guarantee.

Please do visit our website for further details at www.sussexrange.co.uk or ring our friendly helpful staff on 01825 722988.