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Leading UK health retailer, Holland and Barrett, recently needed a heavy duty goods lift to transport pallets of produce between the two floors of a warehouse. Their main contractor, Prestige Partitioning and Storage Systems LTD consulted with the lift experts at Invalifts to see if they could recommend a solution.

After a site survey, Invalifts were able to recommend their Cargo Master Goods lift, with a through car configuration as the ideal solution to move between the two floors. The lift is supplied complete with a self-supporting steel shaft, and requires just a 100mm pit and headroom of 2.8 metres. The Cargo Master is manufactured to the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, enabling the lift to be installed without the need for a deep pit or an excessive headroom requirement.

With a compact footprint of 2100mm x 1800mm, whilst still offering a spacious car size of 1600 x 1500mm, the lift offers maximum space for a minimum footprint. The full width opening of the shutter gates provides a working space of 1375mm wide x 2000mm high clearance.

The unit was specified with hard-wearing Bolton shutter gates, allowing for the easy movement of goods into and out of the car. The car itself has a collapsible mid bar gate for additional safety and flexibility, as well as single press call and send buttons on the landing.

With a full parts and labour warranty for 12 months, and galvanised panels on the lift car and structure, this heavy-duty lift will provide access for the warehouse for a long time to come.

If you would like to know more about the Cargo Master Lift or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email [email protected]