Tarkett, the global leader in sustainable flooring solutions has launched its Segno collection: a range of beautiful decorative parquet crafted from responsibly sourced oak.

With 5 colour options and boards available in both ‘left’ and ‘right’ formats, the Segno range offers wide creative scope, as designers can experiment with different colour combinations and shapes.

The timeless appeal of oak

European oak is widely used for interior decoration due to its superior performance and longevity, as well as compatibility with both modern and traditional interiors.

Segno is crafted in five oak colourations to create a natural and stunning selection of shades suitable for any interior scheme, including whitewashed contemporary Lime Stone, warm classic Oak, and dramatic Old Brown for heritage styles. 

The heritage of the herringbone layout dates back to the ancient Romans, who used it for their famously robust road networks. Decorative wood parquet floors evolved years later with all manner of intricate patterns and layouts.

The new Segno collection builds on that heritage to create truly individual floor finishes: the parquet boards are supplied in both ‘left’ and ‘right’ formats, allowing designers to play with different colour combinations and patterns, including herringbone, woven, patchwork, chequer and basket weave.

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The ethical choice

Made in the EU and available from UK stock, the Segno collection has been engineered with sustainability at the very heart of the design process. The oak used in the collection is sourced from responsibly managed European forests, and the range carries the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ® seal of approval. Segno also comes with a 15-year warranty and a Cfl-sl fire rating.


Steve Urwin, Marketing Manager – Residential, Tarkett, said: “Tarkett’s expertise in parquet goes back 140 years to its Swedish roots: since then it’s become the Nordic market leader in wooden flooring. The Segno wood range is inspired by that heritage and borne out of a desire to craft a naturally stylish range of floors that are durable, recyclable and easy to install.”

For information and design inspiration, download the Segno brochure from Tarkett’s website:  https://professionals.tarkett.co.uk/en_GB/node/segno-decorative-parquet-collection-7521