Greenhouse Gardening for 2020 @Hartleybotanic

From that ideal shade to that signature shelf display, we can spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years perfecting the inside of our home.

A reflection of ourselves, the aesthetics of any home is of the utmost importance, but it shouldn’t be contained within four walls. No, the outside of our home is just as important, and recent trends show that greenhouse gardening is becoming more and more popular amongst a more diverse group of people.

Gone are the days of that small glass display tucked behind a tree at your grandparents’ home, and instead newer, striking and more visually delightful Greenhouses have taken their place. And none are better than the elegant creations at Hartley Botanic.

Built from experience

But what makes Hartley Botanic the go-to place for your Glasshouse or Greenhouse? Crafting simply divine structures, which benefit from decades of knowledge and experience, Hartley Botanic has been building their incomparable range for more than 80 years.

A company with its finger on the pulse when it comes to Greenhouses, Hartley Botanic cites five key reasons why their Glasshouses and Greenhouses are the best money can buy.


Beauty and elegance

With the distinctive and unique Victorian, Heritage and Modern Glasshouse range, customers won’t have to go anywhere else to find a wide range of beautifully crafted, high-quality Glasshouses.


Structurally superior

Every Hartley Botanic Glasshouse is handmade in the North of England to customers’ exact requirements. Made of the finest materials with unparalleled durability, safety and beauty. They are so confident of the structural integrity of their Glasshouse; they offer a Lifetime Guarantee.


A reputation beyond compare

Hartley Botanic has earned an unrivalled reputation for crafting the finest Glasshouses and Greenhouses money can buy through building trust and ensuring the very highest standards of hard-won experience, craftsmanship and service.


Unrivalled knowledge and expertise

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise built into every Hartley Botanic Glasshouse, generations of customers have put their trust in the hands of the manufacturer’s expert, time served, highly skilled craftsmen.


Exceptional delivery of service

Once an order has been handmade to customers’ personal requirements, and Hartley Botanic are happy the structure meets their exacting standards, the delivery and installation will be exceptional.


Forever improving

While this dedication to the world of Glasshouses can’t be anything but respected, if you’re thinking these are structures that never change by design, you couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Hartley Botanic and their exquisite Glasshouses.

With continuous conversations between the company and their customers, they’re able to elevate the world of Glasshouses and Greenhouses by releasing new and improved structures, details and touches.

Ensuring all outdoor spaces have that definitive centrepiece, this year was no exception when it comes to the Hartley Botanic catalogue. Bringing contemporary styles into your garden, the sleek and industrial look of the Magnum Opus Glasshouse introduces high-angled roofs to add a touch of the dramatic to any garden, while the height also creates the ideal growing spot for those that love taller plants.

Meanwhile, classic styles still have a place in this modern world with the Opus Botanic, which sits comfortably in the 21s century. This beautiful Glasshouse with its charming proportions, central porch and wide glass panes looks just at home in a traditional style cottage garden as it would in a more contemporary setting. Inside, the clean lines create a calming space in which to work or simply relax and enjoy the garden.

Those looking for something a touch more on the smaller and practical side won’t be disappointed either. The Hartley Grow & Store is ideal for gardeners looking for a standout centrepiece alongside the functional space of a shed.

It isn’t all about the buildings either. This year has seen the introduction of several NEW colours such as bronze, iron grey, vista grey and manganese graphite, alongside the revelation of self-cleaning glass. Always innovating, this glass features a unique coating that breaks down organic and inorganic material deposits, which are then washed away with ease for a much clearer view of what’s inside.


Trends for 2020

Greenhouse gardening, like everything else, is continuously changing, and with this, those looking to purchase Greenhouses aren’t always who you’d have traditionally expected.

Hartley Botanic has worked hard to keep up with this ever-changing demographic, while remaining loyal at the same time. But what’s happening in the world of Greenhouses and Glasshouses as we move into 2020?


Contemporary designs

In 2020 we’ll see more Greenhouses and Glasshouses in UK gardens with a contemporary or architectural look. The reason for this falls on the consumer zeitgeist, which has seen grow you own become ever more popular.

However, with the shift in consumer, more and more people are buying Greenhouses with a design-led approach. Therefore, we’ll begin to see cleaner lines and larger windows, allowing customers to display colourful plants for the world to see.


New, darker colours

Moving into the decade ahead, the colour palette of the Greenhouse looks set to change from 2020 and beyond.

This switch is expected to see a move from more traditional shades of light grey and stone towards darker tones. The shift would see graphite and dark greys, such as the manganese graphite within the Hartley Botanic range, and bronze become the go-to colours, fitting in with the modern and contemporary design styles.

As the consumer changes as we move into 2020, it’s only natural that the trends follow. Luckily for those of us looking to keep up with the current trends while making our gardens look beautiful, Hartley Botanic is moving with the tide and not against it, ensuring outdoor spaces look just as majestic as indoor ones as we go from one decade to the next.