Recent research by IronmongeryDirect, the UK’s leading specialist ironmongery supplier, revealed that 56% of respondents felt that their home was too cluttered, with over three-quarters of this group claiming it had a negative effect on their mental well-being.

It therefore comes as no surprise that homeowners are increasingly looking to utilise the space they do have more effectively to try and bring a sense of order and tranquillity to their home environment.

Here are our top tips for creating a clutter-free space:

  1. Make an entrance with sliding doors

These offer a range of benefits to a property that lacks space, providing the perfect solution. The KLÜG Barn Strap Sliding Door Gear, for instance, offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to interior timber doors and can bring a real sense of character to a property.

  1. Choose the right storage

This can make a huge difference – if done right, you can maximise the amount of storage, without eating into the free space within the room.

For example, with wardrobes, think beyond the traditional swing door. Sliding doors like the Ducasse Straight Sliding Cabinet System can help to save space and add a sense of luxury at the same time. And for rooms with carpeted floor, the Bi-Folding Door Gear is ideal; the doors can be stacked at either one or both sides of a wardrobe (depending on size) to maximise access.

To assist with organisation, a Pull Down Wardrobe Rail can be installed. This innovative rail system means the items that are used less can be hung and then raised to higher levels. This clears the usual wardrobe space and its smooth hydraulic hinges enable easy access to the items stored away.

For large, walk in wardrobes, the elfa® Classic Wardrobe Kit 1 is ideal. The kit includes a large combination of baskets, hanging rails, shelves and shoe racks – making organisation easy.

  1. Shine some light

Adding light can create a new look on an old space. For storage areas, it can open up the space, instantly making cupboards and wardrobes feel more open and accessible. Under-cabinet lighting is a useful addition as it can be installed on shelves, allowing smaller items to be seen. And for wardrobe rails, strip lighting such as the Sensio Connex LED Strip Lights can be used.

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