Whilst the summer of 2020 may not be quite what we’d originally anticipated, with unprecedented circumstances and a lack of normality prevalent throughout; it is no doubt more important than ever that garden investment is done in anticipation for the long summer months. The upcoming season is expected to be high in temperature, and with so many people spending their days in the garden, now offers a great opportunity to reinvent the garden space. Here are this year’s key garden instillations for Summer 2020.

Garden office

Updating the garden to include a garden office has quickly become one of the most popular installation for this year. For many, working from home has become an essential entity, and with an office setting not always a practical option within the home itself, a garden office can provide a suitable space and productivity solution. There are various elements to consider when investing in a garden office such as the material choice, with popular options including timber and PVC-u. Roof style is also a variable option worth researching, with so many styles and variations to choose from.

The positioning of this instillation is key, as office spaces usually require electricity and WIFI connections, so it’s imperative that suitable positioning allows for easy wiring. It’s also worth noting that dependent on varying factors, planning permission may also be required, so it is important to research this prior to investing in the building itself.

Summer house

Thanks to their versatility, investing in a summer house can have many benefits for the home, particularly within the warmer months. For those who love an outdoor space for reading or relaxing, summer houses create an area that can be used specifically with unwinding in mind. Alternatively, these instillations are proving particularly popular as playrooms for children, something more and more families are looking to invest in.

There are many summer houses on the market in varying styles, with everything from modern buildings with a contemporary finish to corner buildings and even combination options. Different shapes and sizes are an important factor to consider when searching for the most suitable summerhouse for a given space, in order to adapt the outdoor garden areas as efficiently as possible. Much like a garden office, positioning plays a vital role, so it is important that the best location is distinguished in advance of instillation.

Outdoor BBQ

When the weather is beautiful, being out in the garden for a family BBQ is always a popular activity, however many gardens are often not set up with outdoor cooking and dining in mind. A popular instillation for 2020, the outdoor kitchen is building in momentum. Outdoor kitchens offer the opportunity to enjoy a social space throughout the summer months, away from the indoor restraints of the home.

Outdoor gardens work most successfully on patio spaces or unkept corners, when contemplating the many materials available to build such a space, ensure that they are tough, durable, and most importantly easy to clean and maintain – concrete is a popular choice and can withstand well under most weather types.

Garden bar

To create a space that brings the holiday home, outdoor bars in the garden are on the rise this year, making them the perfect spot to socialise and enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor bar doesn’t have to involve all-new materials, simply revamping an old shed or outdoor building can be an effective way to make a multifunctional garden bar.

Popular designs are usually themed; consider adding a pool table, some sports memorabilia and a television for a “sports bar” style or weave some colourful fairy lights around the building with a tall table and chair set for a contemporary cocktail bar theme.

With more garden instillations trending this year than ever before, adapting to the current circumstances by getting the most out of a garden space is a clear way to enjoy the summer. Through some simple structural changes and outdoor garden investments, gardens will be ready for the months ahead and beyond.