Keeping your cool this summer: Experts reveal how to get the perfect summer sleep @WorcsBoschCare

‘Be more dog’ and close curtains during the day to aid sleep this summer, plus the real reason that women want more of the duvet

·       New advice from Worcester Bosch, in partnership with the Sleepyhead Clinic, reveals top tips for improving sleep as the summer months kick in

·       By shutting curtains during the day, homeowners will notice an instant improvement in quality of sleep

·       Optimum sleeping conditions revealed as 17 degrees – though women prefer temperatures nearer 20 degrees for better night’s rest

New expert advice from leading boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch in partnership with Sleepyhead Clinic has revealed a new list of top tips to sleep better as the temperature increases.

The advice comes ahead of temperatures rising as we approach the warm summer months and hopes to dispel myths around temperature and sleep – and how the public can take action to prevent drastic changes in sleeping patterns due to changing temperatures.

Research reveals that the simple act of closing curtains during the day will help limit temperature increases at home, so when night-time approaches conditions are near optimal. While the May average temperature is 16 degrees, near perfect to ‘optimum’ sleeping conditions of 17 degrees, the mercury hit 25.8 Celsius in May 2019 and similar is expected this month – so adapting to conditions is key to getting great sleep.

However, with skin that is 25% thinner than men[1], women prefer warmer environments – explaining how they adapt better to sleeping in hotter conditions.

Stephanie Romiszewski, leading sleep expert at the Sleepyhead Clinic, explains: “The research shows that a preference to sleeping in hotter conditions is more common in slimmer, younger women and may explain why women are likely to prefer sleeping with an extra blanket, or more duvet, to men.”

In order to aid the sleeping process during the summer months, it’s suggested that people should “be more dog” and take note of where their pets are sleeping in the house for the best sleep.

Stephanie explains: “You may notice during the summer that pets often migrate to the coolest places in the house – although this may mean camping out on the kitchen floor during heat wave spells!”

Worcester Bosch and Sleepyhead Clinic also recommend keeping curtains closed throughout the day to ensure bedroom temperatures are kept cooler, especially at the top of the house.

Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch, says: “Opening your curtains on the south side of your house during the day will increase the temperature of the room. This can work wonders for energy saving in winter, but it can have a reverse effect in the summer as it can make bedrooms become too warm, getting us all hot and flustered! So, by keeping curtains shut in your bedrooms during the summer months you’ll keep them cooler and help create a better environment for great sleep.”

Previous research from Worcester Bosch and Sleepyhead Clinic in March this year also revealed how important a good night’s rest is for performance at work, relationships and emotional behaviour, and how listening to your body – not the clock – is vital.

Stephanie added: “Sleep quality is more important than quantity, and you shouldn’t get bogged down into how many hours of sleep you get. Everyone is different and the amount of sleep you need may differ to someone else’s. Leave bad nights behind and don’t use poor sleep as an excuse to stop doing the things that keep you healthy, such as exercise and getting outside.”

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