Enjoy balcony views from your self-build with VELUX® @VELUXGBI

When it comes to allocating time and budget to self-build projects, the unassuming, often-forgotten loft is one area which, if carefully planned from the outset, can end up being the most striking and coveted space in a new home.

Once considered the place for storing luggage, there’s now a host of products which can help you transform your loft space into an enviable, spacious and daylight-filled room. And there are some products in particular that deliver truly exceptional results.

Grant Sneddon, product manager at roof window manufacturer VELUX, explains more: “To make a loft space work, those building their own home need to consider how much daylight and fresh air they need for their loft and work with their architect to design their space with this in mind. Even some of the smallest spaces can be turned into useable and enjoyable rooms to live in if these two elements are prioritised during the planning phase.

“At VELUX all our roof windows are designed to maximise daylight and fresh air, helping customers create healthier indoor environments. And where there’s space to do so, the VELUX roof window range also includes products which will bring a bit of a wow factor into a home too.

“This could be as simple as making sure roof windows are of a large enough scale to frame a beautiful panorama, as featured with VELUX STUDIO. These roof windows include three slimmer profile sashes in one frame, allowing more daylight to enter a loft while also offering a panoramic view, as the roof window is twice as wide as it is high.

“Alternatively, it could be about incorporating a stunning outdoor space, indoors. The VELUX CABRIO® Balcony fit perfectly into roof spaces, and fit flush with roofs when closed. In a matter of seconds, the balcony brings the outside in, letting in more natural daylight and fresh air, creating the perfect spot for a morning coffee break or lunch al fresco.

“For uninterrupted, panoramic views and the choice between automatic or manual operation, we recommend VELUX INTEGRA® electric top-hung roof windows. Opening out from the bottom, they create a balcony-like feeling and fill your space with natural daylight.”

Katherine and Anthony Yiannaki’s home is just one example which highlights how carefully selected roof windows can turn a loft space into the best room in the house. The couple developed their loft and had decided on VELUX CABRIO® even before they had appointed their builders.

Katherine said: “Maximising the amount of daylight we could bring into the space was high on our list of priorities, which is why we wanted to install two VELUX CABRIO® balconies. Not only have they brought a wow factor, but the amount of natural daylight and fresh air they bring to the space is just unbeatable.”

VELUX’s website has a host of options for those planning a self-build project. For more ideas and project inspiration, visit www.velux.co.uk/selfbuild