Inva Stair Riser is a game changer @invalifts

The newly re-designed Inva Stair Riser is a game changer when it comes to incline stair lift design and innovation. The stair lift now comes with a graphic display panel which keeps the user up to date with the operation status and importantly also indicates if the stop button has been depressed or if the unit is not located on its charging points. Both of which are unnecessary and expensive reasons for breakdown call outs.

The new design also allows for coloured LED lighting to be added to both sides and across the top of the carriage adding improved individual adaption on the unit.

The platform lift has been re-designed, to take advantage of the latest technology. The unit now has modern touch sensitive controls and a smooth fresh carriage design. To make it easier to use, there is an integrated graphic display panel, which indicates travel and usage instructions.

The lift comes with safety arms which fold out during use, and then fold away behind the closed platform, reducing the possibility of misuse when the unit is parked. For added comfort, the platform also offers a fold down seat on the carriage for non-wheelchair users.

But, perhaps most exciting of all, are the customisation options now available on the lift. You can also specify a personalised graphic or image to be shown on the underside of the safety tray, which can be seen when the lift is not in use – adding style and design to the lift.

With an impressive 300kg capacity, as well as convenient wireless remote call buttons, this is a remarkable stair platform lift. Available in standard RAL colours, a three year warranty completes the package.

Please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or email [email protected] for further information on the Inva Stair Riser and the other products in the Invalifts range of lifts.