EnviroBuild launches ‘game-changing’ new decking product @ENVIROBUILDcom

EnviroBuild, the UK’s leading supplier of environmentally sound composite decking, cladding, fencing and other building materials, has launched “Hyperion Explorer”. A new addition to its highly successful “Hyperion” range of composite decking materials, “Explorer” joins the “Pioneer” and “Frontier” lines.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Dr Aidan Bell, Co-Founder of EnviroBuild, said: “We are genuinely passionate about providing our customers with the highest-quality products without the harsh environmental impact of many more traditional materials. The company originally began making decking materials and we’ve gone from strength to strength by sticking to our important core principles. With the launch of Hyperion Explorer, we believe we have brought a real game-changer to the growing decking market”.

“For more than 60 years, our success has been based on our continuous efforts to introduce innovative, durable and environmentally-friendly products to the market and Hyperion Explorer is another excellent example of that philosophy. The new product offers a perfect blend of natural aesthetics, superior sustainability and enhanced durability. We’ve worked hard to ensure the Hyperion Explorer has excellent environmental credentials. No trees are cut down during the production process and the wood content is 100% sourced from certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) recycled material, so we are also helping to reduce landfill and making a really meaningful contribution to our natural environment as well as adding positively to the built environment”.

Its customer appeal is also enhanced by the Hyperion Explorer’s luxury, authentic textured wood grain effect, which is designed to be reversible, giving homeowners the option of installing either the natural wood grain or grooved finish. Designers and end customers will also have five colour options to choose from: Oak, Walnut, Granite, Stone or Silver Birch. Colour-matched edge boards are also available.

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Dr Aidan Bell points to the current boom in the development of garden and outside space, as more people seek to maximise their available external areas in anticipation of more lockdowns and restrictions as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

“The value of gardens and terraces has become hugely important for our customers during 2020, providing safe and private spaces where they can escape to and enjoy peace and quiet in these stressful times. We know that many are looking for new ways to enhance and upgrade their outside space in time for spring, so we expect a fertile and receptive market for our new product. It comes with a 15-year warranty for residential use, so we believe it will also prove to be an attractive investment, especially as we are offering an introductory price reduction of 15% for a limited period,” Bell concludes.

The reduced introductory price is expected to be available until early 2021, following which pricing will reflect the Explorer’s premium features.

As well as appealing to domestic customers with its natural embossed wood pattern or realistic wood-grained pattern – ensuring that Hyperion Explorer decking will complement and enhance any natural surrounding – EnviroBuild’s many business clients will also appreciate its advanced technical features and usability.

Designed with professional constructors in mind, the system is available in 4m lengths, with a 145 x 21 mm profile and a hidden and secure fixing system, giving designers and constructors a versatile and flexible material to work with. “Explorer” also comes with a 10-year warranty for use in commercial spaces, making it an ideal solution for corporate locations, hotels and restaurants where the demand for more attractive and useable outside areas is strongly growing in response to Covid-19 regulations.

Its advanced composition uses an innovative combination of 57% FSC-certified recycled eucalyptus and 30% recycled, high-density polyethylene. The remaining 13% is made up of carefully selected, environmentally sensitive bonding and colour tinting agents. The embossed dimensional design features enhanced protection against wear-and-tear, scratches and stains. It all adds up to a highly durable decking product which is as good looking as it is practical.