A useful app for homeowners and installers to visualise a free-standing stove installation. @SchiedelUK

Have you ever wondered what a modern, log burning stove would look like in your house, especially as you don’t already have a natural chimney breast for a fireplace?

This App allows the user to see what it looks like, as well as calculating the components required. Stoves can easily be installed into existing homes, be it a newly built house on an estate or an existing, older house or even a self-build project. A stove can be installed going through the ceilings of each room and out of the roof, or along the outside and up the building.

The App gives you a choice of four basic stove designs, to give an impression of what a typical design would look like in your home. This amazing App then be used to assist the installer in selecting the parts required following a full site survey, which can then be ordered directly from their chosen distributor of the Schiedel product range.

Please note that as conditions on site may vary, the final price for the system may change following the full site survey and may vary between distributors.

Please note that the installer may advise on additional components or advise which components are not needed (for example extra wall bands based on exact measurements and site surveys). The quote provided is Schiedel’s list pricing and these prices are different with their distributors, who can also provide some amazing discounts.


What sort of phone can be used?

A modern phone from the last few years should be okay to run the augmented reality part of the Builder. However, the recommended spec is for a device running Android 7.0 and iOS 11. The relevant app stores will advise if this can be installed.

How accurate is this?

The accuracy will depend on the information and dimensions fed into the app but should always be followed up by a full site survey carried out by an experienced installer. Schiedel recommends HETAS accredited installers for solid fuel installations.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of my measurements.

Don’t worry. Enter the approximate values and we can calculate the components. Your installer or Schiedel’s technical support team can verify if the set of components are accurate for the installation.

The pipe lengths are different.

This is because it is not recommended to have a joint within a ceiling or a wall. However, this can be assessed when on site or can be discussed with our technical team.

Some of the options are missing if I choose internal or external.

That’s correct, some measurements aren’t needed, plus some options are not available when choosing one of the other options. If you have an installation which is different to the standard ones, then fill in the details for the closest installation type and put information in the notes section for our technical team to look at.