‘Stone House’ offers unparalleled sea and castle views @KebonyWood

Situated on the picturesque coast of Cornwall in South West England, the recently completed family home, dubbed the Stone House offers unparalleled sea views and a unique view of historic castle, St Michael’s Mount. Designed and brought to life by the combined efforts of Suzanne Brewer Architects and Lilly Lewarne Architects, Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable modified wood,was used to clad the exterior ofthis contemporarybuilding, creating a beautiful natural mix of both wood and stone.

The homeowner’s dream was brought to life earlier this year;Suzanne Brewer Architects, guided the project through a successful planning permission, whilst Lilly Lewarne Architects was the practice appointed to carry out the technical design and construction stages of this contemporary project by the sea.

Stone and Kebony wood were the materials selected inside and out for their authenticity and the way in which they ‘wear in’ instead of ‘wearing out’, creating a rustic feel for the property which elegantly blends into the natural landscape of the Cornish hillside. Kebony’s enhanced durability, sustainable qualities and unique aesthetic made it the perfect choice of wood for this unique project.

Developed in Norway, Kebony’s revolutionary technology is an environmentally friendly process which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with furfuryl alcohol – an agricultural by-product. By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, the softwoods permanently take on the attributes of tropical hardwood including high durability, hardness, and dimensional stability. Kebony’s uniquely natural aesthetic and sustainable credentials were perfectly suited to realise the ambition of the modern seaside family home.

One of Stone House’s key selling points is its spectacular view of both the Atlantic Ocean and St Michael’s Mount, famed for its picturesque landscape and uniquely peaceful community feel, with only 30 islanders calling the village their home. Each morning the village springs to life with school children and workers gathering to travel to the mainland, goods being loaded onto the quayside and islanders preparing for the jobs the day will bring.

Rob Simmonds, Project Architect at Lilly Lewarne Architects commented:“We are very proud to have worked on the design and construction of this beautiful home on the south coast, which looks stunning within its natural surroundings. Working with Kebony wood was not only cost-effective but proved to be completely suited to the homeowner’s vision, and we certainly look forward to using the material again in future projects.” 

Nina Landbø, International Sales Manager Norway at Kebony added:“We are delighted that Kebony has played an important role in the development of this beautiful, rustic home in Cornwall. It is great to have made a long-lasting mark on the unique British seaside town and we hope it inspires the development of many more natural, sustainable homes in the area, and across the globe.” 

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