CT1- The Healthiest choice for your home now available in Jewson stores. @CTec_NI_Ltd

CT1- The Healthiest choice for your home now available in Jewson stores. @CTec_NI_Ltd

CT1, commonly known as the Snag List Eliminator, is officially the product that the professional tradesperson uses. Contractors, Site Managers, Project Officers, Specifiers and Architects are now demanding that CT1 is used on the jobs. All jobs.

With over 25 accreditations to its name, it’s the construction sealant and adhesive that has stood the test of time. With over 25 certificates and accreditations, not only testing its strength and versatility, but CT1 has also been awarded the much sought after certifications such as EC1 (Very Low Emission),  A+ for the lowest indoor emissions and the very prestigious NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association). CT1 is the ONLY sealant and adhesive in the world to be awarded this label. But what does that mean to you the reader? You, the professional person in the construction industry. The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association have now formed a Nordic Label with Sweden, Norway and Finland. They are one of the world’s most stringent and authoritative bodies on what causes and reduces Asthma and Allergy in the home.

Since all housing has become more passive and well insulated, studies have shown that homes have now become a breeding ground for the nasties that create allergy and asthma in the home. CT1 has gone under vigorous testing and has the stamp of approval from this body, that CT1 being used in the home will in fact REDUCE the risk of asthma and allergy attacks in the home.

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Now Local Government with new builds, Architects and diligent tradesmen are demanding that CT1 is used. This is because of its enormous versatility to bond almost any material and under any circumstances – under water, adverse weather conditions, and seal leaks immediately and indefinitely.

CT1 who were the first to introduce a hybrid sealant 18 years ago replaces mastic, wood and P.U. adhesives, silicone, sanitary, acrylic and butyl rubber sealants in just one product, have now introduced TRIBRID® leaving Hybrid sealants with dated technology. CT1 is now 3 times stronger than a Hybrid, longer colour retention, and increases anti-fungal properties.

CT1 has again introduced a new era of sealants. Always the first with latest technology, this revolutionary TRIBRID® formulation will take decades to be matched. Free from solvents, and Isocyanates, it’s the healthiest choice for your home. Designed to outlast any other sealant.

CT1 is also designed to reduce a building projects carbon footprint, dramatically reducing the amount of cartridges being used on a site. Usually needing 100’s of different types of sealants and adhesives on site, you now only need 1. CT1.

CT1 has been the only product that was capable of repairing many of the UK’s iconic landmarks such as Diana’s Memorial Fountain, the Olympic Village, the London Eye, the Connaught Hotel, the new Wave in Bristol, built for surfing and Olympic games in surfing… and many many more!

Visit our website for more information: www.ct1.com

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