TREE HOUSES: Escape to the Canopy @CarolLpr @IMAGES_books

Showcasing incredible tree houses in this collection, the essence of treehouse design in the real world remains emotive, limitless, and has universal appeal. The designs here integrate with equally gorgeous environments, whether it be an ‘Arctic Experience’ or something to suit the tropical conditions of ‘Jungle Living’ in Costa Rica.

Tree Houses: Escape to the Canopy is richly illustrated with lavish full-color photographs of creative tree houses, all with innovative and stunning design features and includes engaging descriptions for each project, complete with insight from the architect and/or designer.

A thoroughly enjoyable journey through the world of modern tree house design from around the globe.

For anyone who had a tree house, or who wanted one, this is a both a nostalgic trip and a very real journey toward finding new possibilities available to make treetop living a reality.

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Locations featured include: Sweden, United States, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, France, South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, China, New Zealand.

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