Quintain Living’s Beton showcases Wembley Park’s artistic credentials as London Art Week commences @QuintainLiving

Quintain Living’s Beton showcases Wembley Park’s artistic credentials as London Art Week commences @QuintainLiving
  • Quintain Living’s Beton features a discerning artistic personality
  • Pop art-inspired apartments are complemented by artwork at every turn in shared spaces
  • Impressive anamorphic mural outside Beton delivers interaction and invitation in one

The world’s leading galleries and auction houses are currently working together to deliver London Art Week (ending this Friday). Guest curator Dr Arturo Galansino, Director General of Florence’s Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, is focusing on ‘revolution and renewal’ as the theme of a special online exhibition during the event.

Revolution and renewal are familiar concepts to the team at the award-winning Quintain Living, the management company overseeing the rental of more than 2,500 apartments in Wembley Park. Quintain Living is leading the way in creating exciting new lifestyle experiences for private renters. Residents at each of the nine developments that the company manages in Wembley Park enjoy distinctive living spaces, from their individual homes to the host of shared amenities that are unique to each building. Aside from the unique lifestyle experience that Quintain Living offers, its homes are visually compelling, too.

Take Beton, for example. Conceptual interior designers Fossey Arora took the glorious, monochromatic base palette of the building’s raw materials (‘beton’ is French for ‘concrete’ and the building celebrates it), then drew inspiration from the pop art movement to create a rental experience like no other.

“Every element of Beton was about creating impact. We wanted to deliver something bright, bold and exciting, but at the same time precise and sophisticated. By drawing on the inspiration of pop art, we’ve delivered stylish, hope-filled apartments that reach out across the generations.”

Fossey Arora

Iconographic design company Muzéo took that artistic inspiration and ran with it, packing Beton with visually stimulating experiences at every turn. The end of corridor artworks on walls and doors are a key feature of every floor, playing with perspective and visual interaction in a way that confounds logic. Stencilling over the building’s concrete base is a feature throughout, from the floor numbers painted on the concrete walls in the stairwell to the style of the adhesive manifestations on Beton’s glass doors.

Throughout Beton, the emphasis is on playful, immersive art, from intimate pieces in corridors and lifts that create a sense of invitation and exploration to more monumental features in Beton’s lobby and external areas.

“Beton gave us the opportunity to show the power of art in everyday life, embodying the meaning and intention of Quintain Living’s homes to rent and revealing the energy and dynamics of a buzzing new neighbourhood”

Camille Jarzembowski, Creative Director, Muzéo

The most striking external artwork is the enormous mural of the building’s name. It was conceived by the team of artists at Muzéo to deliver an interactive space for residents and passers-by. The conceptual artwork exposes Beton’s concrete within the composition, while playing with both the real and the representation – an approach that is particularly relevant in the age of social media. The mural is brought to life through an anamorphic effect, which changes the word ‘Beton’ from a distorted image to a clear, straight name as one walks past.

“The visual identity of Beton is very interactive and playful. It’s a standout building and complements Wembley Park’s strong artistic credentials. The art is used in a sophisticated way to engage and challenge the senses while also delivering a sense of welcome and home. The overall result is very accomplished.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

Wembley Park is known for its commitment to the arts. During the inaugural London Mural Festival in September 2020, Brent-born graffiti artist and designer Pref created a large-scale street art intervention, Better Together, next to Wembley Stadium.

The Wembley Park Art Trail, meanwhile, features 14 superb pieces, which visitors can discover through a digital map with QR codes. Running from 1 June through to 30 September 2021, the Art Trail, which is free for the public to enjoy, includes works created with paint, digital mixed media and upcycled materials. World-renowned photographer and street artist JR has contributed portraits of 16 Brent locals to the trail, while London artist duo HagenHinderdael have focused on pieces that incorporate the Wembley Park landscape.

For more information on Quintain Living or to book a viewing, visit www.quintainliving.com@quintainliving on Instagram or call 020 3151 1927.

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