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Wharf Worktops, meet the rising demand for resilient and lifestyle-oriented home interiors by focussing on its unique patent pending Seamtec® product strengthening technology to ensure customers can buy with confidence when updating the home.

Wharf Seamtec® enables stronger, thinner solid surface worktops which in turn, reduces the volume of materials used by allowing existing worktops to be covered rather than destroyed and sent to landfill.

Managing Director, Rob Bullen explains, “Our founder, the specialist cabinet maker Trevor Baker, was ahead of his time when he started the business 25 years ago with an emphasis on precision and made-to-order components. We are the only UK manufacturer who can deliver strong, seam free solid surface overlay worktops, which are tailored to fit your kitchen dimensions exactly thanks to our laser measuring system and the expertise of our specialists. Following three national lockdowns in the space of a year, we are finding that homeowners are re-evaluating what they want from high-traffic rooms to protect health and ensure hygienic surroundings hence the popularity of our easy-clean and non-porous worktop solutions.”

With so much activity focussed on the home from studying and leisure activities to working remotely, maintaining good home hygiene has never been more important in preventing the spread of the pandemic. One of the many benefits of a Wharf surface is that it will repel liquids so no water, coffee, oil, wine or cosmetics can permeate the worktop and cause long-lasting damage or stains. The good news is that no specialist cleaning or sealing products are required, so consumers are guaranteed a low-maintenance kitchen with worktops and splashbacks, which are super-easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful.

The Wharf design team fully understands how important it is to have a beautifully finished kitchen so the Wharf Seamtec® offering extends to all surfaces including worktops, upstands, backsplashes, sinks, chopping boards and drainers. This means every hardworking surface can be protected, as well as island units and breakfast bars too! With a choice of over 30 exclusive contemporary colours, it has never been easier to achieve an elegant and stylish solid surface worktop that will complement today’s fitted kitchens.

At a time when sustainability is a vital part of the conversation, touching on eco-conscious consumption and home improvements, Seamtec® by Wharf is an ethical alternative that substantially reduces the need to send your old worktop to landfill.

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With a purpose-built factory on the Hampshire/Sussex borders, Wharf Worktops can deliver custom made worktops to UK kitchen retailers after just 12 working days to process your order, so your renovations can proceed quickly and easily – and without an excessive carbon footprint.

Wharf Seamtec® – For a beautiful and contemporary solution, Wharf create designer worktops, island units and breakfast bar areas. Decide on what length and depth you need and your worktop will be custom-made to fit your kitchen or utility room dimensions, following the angles and curves of existing cabinetry. This product is also an ideal choice for the family bathroom or master en suite to prevent water damage and protect against splashes.

Benefits include:

– Solid surface seamless worktop

– Beautiful colour choices

– Hygienic & low maintenance

– Luxury look and feel retained over the product lifetime

– End to end digital process combined with outstanding craftsmanship

– Cost effective

– A host of features with variable depths

– Bespoke solution

– Integrated charging technology SupaPowa®

“We are proud to be leading the way in bespoke British surface solutions. Our patent-pending Seamtec® manufacturing process ensures that the finished product has the look and feel of a one-piece solid worktop so that the kitchen design is elevated to the next level. Whether projects are in super-premium developments or older, more traditional properties, we can create refined, bespoke surfaces which are practical, durable and in harmony with the overall design blueprint” adds Rob.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our team:

☎️ 01730 812 822 | ✉️ [email protected] | 🌐 www.wharfworktops.co.uk