Use your voice to control a Gira eNet SMARTHOME 2.3 @Gira

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent building design and management revolutionize the wireless smart home with new voice control technology and designer control top units for the Gira eNet SMARTHOME.

As work, study and play continue to blur in today’s busy lifestyles increasing functionality and connectivity is crucial at home. The latest updates to the Gira eNet SMARTHOME are all designed to bring greater ease and luxury to the modern home through convenient wireless top units and highly intuitive voice control technology.

The latest full system update will help you to put together even more wireless elements in your Gira eNet SMART HOME with Conrad Connect, a platform which links devices and services from over 100 manufacturers, including Gira. This means you can unlock even more potential, creating a uniquely personalized environment so that you can set the mood and link your devices at the push of a button or by talking to a digital assistant.

Jacob de Muijnck, Director at Gira UK says, “As more and more people embrace smart home life, we are delighted to bring new features and functions to our Gira eNet SMARTHOME wireless system. You can now ‘link and synch’ different elements with Conrad Connect so you could even start your day with your blinds being raised as your favourite music plays on your sound system. Gira innovation is all about maximizing the possibilities for your smart home so that everyone can live their best life 24/7.”

For example, the new Gira eNet wireless operating top units and wall transmitter give you full lighting control in your home at the touch of a switch, from simply switching lights on and off to dimming them and choosing your favourite mood lighting. You can also activate the locking system for your blinds and shutters wherever you are in the house, so that you will never be locked outside after dark. The battery-operated transmitters can be fixed to the walls with screws or adhesive pads for your convenience.

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The new Gira eNet SMARTHOME Update 2.3 is designed to be user-friendly and co-ordinate with its world-famous Design Lines featuring a range of high quality frames, sockets and switches. It includes the following special functions:

Voice control: it’s easy to control your smart home with your voice. All you need is the eNet SMART HOME skill for Amazon Alexa or the eNet SMART Home app for Google Assistant or Google Home. Simply link your My eNet account to your Amazon or Google account to get started.

Remote control: fancy even more flexibility so you can control lights and blinds from your sofa or your bed? Just connect your eNet wireless switch to the compact Gira remote control and you’re in charge..

Smartphone friendly: control your home from your phone with the secure eNet SMART HOME app. Carry out basic commands or pre-programme more complex scenarios and let the tech do the rest! Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can control every function in every system in exactly the same way. And the start screen can display your favourites for a helpful shortcut.

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