Light up your world with Inspired by Light: A design guide to transforming the home, new from RIBA Books @RIBABooks

Lighting plays a crucial role in the way we see and experience the spaces we occupy, often without acknowledgement. With the ability to add a whole new dimension and shape to architecture its creates ambience like no other element.

Inspired by Light provides practical insight to designers with an abundance of visual inspiration on successful lighting solutions and schemes. From the fundamental principles of lighting design, to working with LEDs, to advice on lighting unusual spaces, this brand new book from Sally Story, one of the world’s leading lighting designers, covers it all.

With its lavish photography and accompanying lighting plans, Inspired by Light showcases the most up-to-date information on trending and lighting technologies that aim to transform how light is used within a space.

Sally says: ‘With the arrival of LEDs, which revolutionised the industry, I felt that a book which explored how to use this new tool would be of benefit to the industry. There is very little advice currently available for designers and the design savvy to fully understand how to select LEDs. The outlining of all the important technical elements within the book is critical to the understanding and proper selection of LEDs, and to illustrate the various techniques that can be used and how they are important in distinct styles of interior.’

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Inspired by Light attentively covers everything from the contemporary to the traditional, to provide readers with a true understanding of the flexibility of this new lighting tool.

‘Good LED technology has allowed for greater opportunities and benefits within the industry, due to its miniaturisation, which allows for more discreet integration into architecture and joinery. With LEDs lasting longer than ever before, it is so important to get the lighting right from the outset or it will be a costly mistake.’

Storey draws inspiration from across the UK and around the globe including a contemporary villa in Dubai and an alpine chalet and presents a variety of interior and exterior real-world projects old and new, large and small in this stunning single volume.

Inspired by Light offers a fascinating insight into current and emerging lighting technologies, which will not only appeal to architects and designers, but to anyone who is interested in making the most of lighting at home or at work. It is visually engaging and approachable in style and intent and features a thoroughly useful glossary of terms that aims to demystify the jargon surrounding the subject.

Inspired by Light is available now: