Coastline® Composite Cladding – weatherproof, lightweight and easy to install @eurocellplc

Coastline® Composite Cladding – weatherproof, lightweight and easy to install @eurocellplc

Coastline is an innovative composite cladding system that lifts the appearance of any property, adding up to 10-years of guaranteed weatherproof performance. It’s made from a unique composite material that means it’s incredibly resilient, yet amazingly easy to work with and fit. What’s really revolutionary though is that Coastline has minimal contraction or expansion, whatever the weather conditions.


Once, if you wanted to be sure your exterior cladding was really weatherproof, you had the option of timber boards – good looking, but high maintenance – or cement board. Durable, but difficult and dusty to work with.

Newer, lightweight PVC-U and foam cladding have made things easier, of course. But because of expansion and contraction as they heat up and cool down, an extra membrane is often needed. And that can make the job more complex and time consuming.

So, Coastline, with its unique composite formulation with reduced thermal expansion and contraction as the temperature varies, is a true breakthrough. Plus, it’s guaranteed to go on performing with little movement and practically no maintenance for at least 10 years


The secret to Coastline’s hard-wearing, long-lasting looks and performance is its innovative composite structure – a patented triple composite of polymer resins, inorganic minerals and acrylic colorants that is extruded to give excellent dimensional strength and stability. With no wood fibres or any other organic material included, it will never absorb moisture, never rot and never attract insects that could damage its fabric.

That makes it especially robust, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Coastline has excellent wind, hail and impact resistance, and even if it does pick up minor bumps and scrapes, they’ll be practically invisible from the kerbside because of its fade-resistant, through colour formulation – unlike cement boards. Even after years of service it never needs painting or treating, and all it takes to bring it back to its brilliant best is the occasional clean with a garden hose.


Good looking Coastline doesn’t just protect and preserve the fabric of the building. It does it in true style, with a range of 6 attractive New England colours:

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Moondust Grey
  • Pigeon Blue
  • Oyster
  • Soft Green
  • Taupe.

Individual Coastline panels butt together in exactly the same way as timber panels, with a natural, embossed wood cladding finish to complete the authentic timber facade effect. Perfect for all kinds of jobs, from new build to refurbishments to park homes that have to fit in with the shades of the countryside around them to tired old brick exteriors in need of a facelift.


All the materials used in its manufacture are 100% recyclable. Because it’s made from such a durable, long-lasting composite, it never needs painting or treating with preservatives, both of which can contain volatile chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

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