Abode 2022 Kitchen Tap Trends @abodehome

Abode 2022 Kitchen Tap Trends @abodehome

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions anticipate the latest 2022 market trends for kitchen sinks and taps, as they continue to play a leading role in the modern home.

Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager at Abode says, “The need for 24/7 convenience that empowers both home and lifestyle is inspiring new levels of design in the kitchen, utility room and hybrid wash zones like the home bar and boot room. Accordingly, end users young and old have become part of the now generation where time is of the essence and well-considered functionality that improves health and wellbeing is top priority. This has led to a rise in high performance kitchen taps, which add value and maintain their design integrity without compromising on style or user safety. Naturally, the trend for steaming hot water and filtered water on tap is set to reach new heights in 2022, with 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 taps becoming a staple of the traditional and contemporary kitchen whilst helping us all save energy, reduce our use of plastic bottles and lead healthier lives.”

Following extensive market research and trends monitoring, Abode can reveal the following trends are set to influence kitchen design in 2022:

MULTI-GENERATIONAL LIVING: As more of us are living in a multi-generational household, home ergonomics is a point for discussion with an emphasis on ease of use and product safety. Trends are therefore identifying water safety as a number one priority with taps that are designed to be used by people of all ages, including those with limited mobility, outperforming other inclusive-style taps that forego style over substance. Having a kitchen that can grow with you is going to impact how we design the kitchen wash zone next year with young families, downsizers and the newly retired alike seeking future-proof taps that are easy reach, hygienic and distinct by design.

PRODUCT – We recommend the Abode Agilis Single Lever kitchen tap, which is ergonomically designed. Featuring a sweeping L shape body with knurled aerator collar, the handle is located on the front of the tap body to reduce reach. Providing agile movement via a single lever, just a flick of a wrist will operate the water flow: great if you have dirty hands!

REFRESHINGLY SUSTAINABLE: As climate change intensifies, the need to source only the most ethical products on the market is becoming a criterion when planning a kitchen space. Managing water and energy use will continue to remain on trend next year with multi-functional taps taking centre stage in the battle to save the planet. Enjoying the idea of chilled filtered water on tap is now easier than ever, not only cutting down on the use of plastic bottles but the rise in hot water taps has made the kettle redundant – freeing up space and time while reducing water consumption and energy in high usage households.

PRODUCT – Discover Abode Swich, a revolutionary design solution that will transform a new or existing kitchen tap in to a filtered water tap that delivers a constant supply of crystal clear filtered water! The exclusive and patented Swich water filter system is a discreet yet ultra-luxe device, which is easy to use and install, either retro-fit in an existing kitchen or add to a new kitchen design.

INDUSTRIAL STYLE: Popular with interior designers and homeowners alike, industrial-style kitchens stand to remain a firm favourite next year, with trends reporting a new appreciation for sinks and taps that help define a scheme. Practicality and luxury will therefore go hand-in-hand, with contemporary matt black and delicately distinct brass finishes in high demand. Complementing big ticket items like your appliances and designer fixtures, black will bring extra refinement to next year’s industrial-style kitchen and welcome an eclectic mix of materials and finishes that see the sink and tap area stand up and be counted.

PRODUCT – Answering growing demand for 24/7 convenience that is practical and beautiful, the Pronteau 4 IN 1 Propure Monobloc Quad is seen here in an industrial-style Matt Black finish. Available in five on trend finishes and two spout designs, this 4 IN 1 kitchen tap is a must for the design and time conscious. The steaming hot water is delivered via a two-stage safety handle and with cold filtered drinking water on tap as well as the domestic hot and cold supply you truly have everything you need packaged up in a sleek design that sits proudly in an array of kitchen styles.

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