Red Dot Award for D-Neo and White Tulip

Red Dot Award for D-Neo and White Tulip

 The Red Dot Award 2022 for Product Design has gone to the two complete bathroom series D-Neo and White Tulip and the accompanying faucets. • Jury impressed by high design quality • Series and faucets win awards

 The two complete bathroom series D-Neo and White Tulip plus the associated faucets won this year’s Red Dot Award for Product Design.

 “All the products we entered in the competition won an award,” said Stephan Tahy, CEO Duravit AG, “which is testament to the outstanding design work of our teams.” Clear formal language In March 2021 Duravit first unveiled D-Neo – a complete bathroom range by Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly – to the public.

 D-Neo stands out with its straight-lined and geometric forms. Thanks to the range’s attractive entry-level price, new target groups can enjoy Duravit products.

The design series as a whole and the faucets in particular have already won the German Design Award. Straight-lined design In fitting with the D-Neo design, the D-Neo faucets also boast a straight-lined and geometric design. The characteristically narrow, vertically positioned handle is standard throughout the entire range.

Sustainability is key: on the D-Neo washbasin mixers with FreshStart, only cold-water flows in the central position to start with. Hot water is only added when the one deliberately moves the handle to the left.

 The energy-intensive production of hot water is limited to situations where it is actually needed. Inspired by nature With White Tulip, the French designer Philippe Starck has created a holistic bathroom collection. From bathtubs, washbasins and furniture, toilets and bidets, to matching mirrors and a complete collection of faucets, the exceptional form of all the components within the series echoes the organic silhouette of a tulip in bloom.

The monolithic, free-standing ceramic washbasin is particularly eye[1]catching. The consistent design element on the faucets is again the tulip-shaped handle with a finely polished surface that reflects the form of the washbasins and bathtubs. 160 finely engraved vertical stripes lend a refined touch to the faucets.

The Red Dot award The Red Dot Award “Product Design”, which can trace its origins back to 1955, seeks out each year’s best products. True to the motto “in search of good design and innovation”, a jury – around 50 strong – evaluated the products individually as originals. The expert committee only awards the internationally renowned quality seal to products with an impressively high design quality and that satisfy additional stringent evaluation criteria. These include degree of innovation, functionality, formal

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