With the rising and continuing popularity of Black fixtures within the bathroom we have extended the Black Edition Range to include The Newick 1000,  a horizontal rail, popular as a statement within the bathroom but also fits easily below most windows.  The Newick measures 600 high by 1000mm wide and retails at £299.80 exclusive of VAT.

We have also introduced the profile valve in Black to the Black Edition.  Designed to complement the black edition rails these valves will not protrude into the room and sit neatly within the rail visually enhancing the product.  The valves are brass and powder coated with a good solid weight.

We are selling more and more of the black edition towel rails we feel the reason for this is two fold.  Firstly that we have the rails in stock whereas there are still widespread shortages of supply generally speaking so those who would normally buy a cheaper mild steel rail are realizing the difference in price is not that great compared to the cost to disrupted contractors.  But also the rise in customers who value sustainability and although it may at first seem unnecessary to manufacture a coloured powder coated rail from stainless steel, the properties that set the non-coated rails apart from their mild steel counterparts still stand.  They will not rust or corrode, you are buying into a product that will endure the entire life of the bathroom itself. 

Stainless steel is manufactured from over 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable in itself.  In order to maintain the ethical sustainability of all of our products across the range, we chose to powder coat the stainless steel.

Powder coating is highly protective of the environment, it contains no solvents and emits negligible, if any, polluting VOCs into the atmosphere.

Powder coating is a clean process, allowing exhaust air from the coating booth to be returned to the plant.  Powder overspray can be retrieved and reused and there is no costly waste disposal equipment as unused powder can be reclaimed and returned to a hopper.

There are now thirteen of our most popular selling rails in the black edition as well as the valves and the complementary element cover further enhancing the aesthetics of this range. 

Please do visit for further details or call us on 01825 722988

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