Greensquares has introduced two new colours to its successful Refin   Porcelain Paving range. An appreciation of this alternative flooring material   has seen Refin being adopted extensively in domestic, commercial and public   projects.

Adding a sense of style and elegance, Refin porcelain tiles and paving are available for both indoor and outdoor use with a thickness of 10mm or 20mm as appropriate for the application. Optional pedestal supports reduce both time and cost of installation and allows Refin to be used as a simple retrofit, eliminating the need for unnecessary heavy machinery and large-scale earth works.

GREENSQUARES LOGOThe introduction of two new colours, ‘light grey granite’ and ‘dark grey granite’, expands its extensive range of colour schemes as demand for the porcelain flooring to be used both indoors and outdoors is ever growing. The highly finished aesthetics of Refin tiles makes it a popular alternative to kitchen and living room flooring while its ability to seamlessly translate into outside paving allows homeowners to maximise their living space while design and quality is un-compromised.

A key advantage of Refin’s porcelain is their low porosity of less than 0.05%, which means they are effectively impermeable to any moisture preventing them from staining. The high porosity of natural stone means it stains and discolours easily and requires regular maintenance in the form of cleaning and re-sealing, while Refin’s paving does not need sealing and is virtually maintenance free, only needing warm water to wash away inevitable dirt and leaves.

The highly frost resistant quality of porcelain makes it an ideal material for outdoor applications in cold climates while its slip resistance and ability to be cleaned easily make it a very hygienic flooring option for establishments that demand high cleanliness levels and safety standards, such as restaurants, beauty salons, health clinics, hotels and leisure centres.

Greensquares offers its Refin range with two choices of fixing, installation using adhesive for the 10mm thick tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and dry installation for the 20mm thick paving that can either be traditionally laid or mounted on pedestal supports.

The pedestals offer a design solution for customers who wish to install Refin porcelain paving on an uneven surface. Conventionally such requests would require large-scale earth works to level off the ground, costly concrete laying and difficult navigation or moving of established pipes, however pedestal installation solves the problem in one simple step. Available in two varieties: fixed supports and support pedestals, they enable the paving to be used on uneven ground by resting over the top and therefore allowing any existing pipes or electrical cables to run undisturbed beneath them.

Advanced manufacturing technology has allowed Refin to produce the 20mm paving that are structurally capable of withstanding forces up to 757.6Kg, assuring no detriment to the tiles durability by being pedestal mounted. This extra strength means that areas which experience heavy pedestrian foot traffic such as large commercial areas can now benefit from the quality and luxury Refin’s porcelain paving provides.

Refin’s Porcelain Paving also has an environmental advantage as it is manufactured using natural raw materials with any waste products being recycled back into the manufacturing process. No chemicals are needed such as waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins due to porcelain’s naturally resilient quality, thus the carbon output is reduced with Refin.

The retail price for Refin’s 10mm Porcelain tiles is £46.20 per square metre. The retail price for the 20mm porcelain paving is £74.96 per square metre, however special offers may apply.

Further information on Refin is available from Greensquares on 029 2037 1584, by emailing: [email protected] or by visiting the company’s website at www.porcelainpaving.co.uk

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